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Seed of Humanity: A Short Story The Odyssey is humanity s last hope, and only one passenger survives on board Jeffrey This is his story

10 thoughts on “Seed of Humanity: A Short Story

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    Really enjoyed this short story, great concept, would like to knowabout this universe.

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    I loved it What an amazing story Beautiful imagery, and twists and turns aplenty Todd Herzman is great at creating an enormous story in so few words I would definitely recommend this.

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    Very creative, excellent writing

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    BrilliantThe storytelling is wonderful and engaging It kept my heart pounding I really wantof this story a brilliant sci fi short.

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    This is the second short story of Herzman s that I ve read, and he continues to astound me with impressive twists and turns that I expect will draw readers into following his work, as I have.Seed of Humanity tells the brief story of a ship on its last leg, barreling toward its doom Yet hope still springs forth, and Jeffrey, the main character, maintains the Odyssey as it spirals forward on its mission Herzman s wri

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