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Serve & Protect (D.C. Files, #1) What happens when you fall in love in the heart of politics Sam Daniels life turns upside down when he meets an amazing guy and gets a job offer he can t refuse almost at the same time Working in politics and sustaining any kind of personal life is never easy, but when you re running a campaign to elect the first woman to the office of the President of the United States, it may become nearly impossibleBlake Morin, after spending years as a SEAL, lives a quiet life with his daughter and he s fine with that He can t deny the attraction between him and Sam, but is he ready to enter the world he used to avoid I inhaled the book in a day and a half, and if not for pesky work, it would have been half that time Full disclosure this book is written by a friend whom I ve known for almost a decade, so I was inclined to like this novel straight off the bat, but I have no doubt that its merits are its own Despite being a person with relatively little interest in m m romance f f m would be my drug of choice, were it readily available on the market in high quality , I found myself completely forgetting about any qualms and just gripped by the character driven story and rooting for those guys.It wasn t quite what I d expected, admittedly This love story between a former active duty soldier single dad and a political campaign strategist wasn t epic, or conflict ridden, or terribly angsty albeit the long distance relationship aspect did hit a bit closer to home as my own relationship was long distance for almost two years and it was terrible What it was instead was fun and warm, fluffy and cute A feel good story about responsible and reasonable adults who work on their relationship and overcome real life obstacles which at the same time explodes some cliches by sole virtue of presenting a gay guy without children of his own as the one striving to find the work life balance Add to that the fact that there are people of colour, well rounded female characters and that one of the MCs is bi and you have a very good combination.The pacing is very good, the dialogues are frequently cute, the characters are perhaps almost too idealised but sometimes that s what the heart wants After some romances where characters did some pretty shitty things before getting together, this was a nice change of pace.And now the only question is do I read the Christmas novella that follows now or do I wait a week to be in the right depressed spirit The sequel is coming Nov 13 Campaign manger MC Sam Daniels is hanging out at a Washington DC bar, lamenting the fact that his boss is retiring and he doesn t know what to do next Ex Navy SEAL and current flight instructor at the US Naval Test Pilot School, Blake Morin sees Sam and asks if he can have a seat at Sam s table in the very crowded bar The men have a nice, casual discussion and Sam starts to feel a lot better about his future unknown Eventually, the boys flirt a little bit and find out they are both gay and the attraction is mutual So, this is the part where the run off to fuck like bunnies and eventually fall in love, the end Right Not even close One of the many things I found so refreshing and sweet about Serve Protect was the fact that these boys decided to take their mutual attraction down a few notches and actually have a few dates before jumping into bed It made for a serious hot first time, filled with emotion As it turns out, Blake view spoiler has a 6 year old daughter named Olivia and is careful who he brings into their lives and he makes a point to Sam right away that Olivia will always come first and could Sam handle that hide spoiler 2.5 stars rounded up because there were no Republicans.I needed a LGBTQ political romance for a reading challenge Much to my dismay, I kept finding romances featuring gay Republicans Look, when Jabba the Trump and Mike conversion therapy is good Pence have banned transgender people from the military, argued that employers can discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation, and rescinded directives protecting LGBTQ My rage would overflow While contemplating his future in a bar, Democratic political aide Sam meets Blake, a former Navy Seal and single dad to six year old Olivia The attraction is immediate, and they arrange a date Days later, a female Democratic presidential candidate taps Sam as her campaign manager Sam knows that his life will become chaotic, but he and Blake agree to try dating As the campaign progresses, the two men navigate a long distance relationship Seek Find had enjoyable aspects The writing was solid But much of the story felt superficially drawn We experience some key moments between the men, but others are glossed over or occur off page I preferred workaholic Sam, mainly because Blake wouldn t stand up to his annoying mother and on the subject of mothers, Mia was terrible and it irritated me that Sam felt guilty for not seeing Olivia enough.Haters of angst can rejoice that there is no conflict here Issues arise, but they are quickly resolved and the two men never have an argument or consider breaking up It didn t work so well for me because it seemed to emphasize the subdued emotions and the low stakes to their relationship It wasn t a matter of adding angst but adding realism to the story And speaking of realism, in what world would the Democratic candidate campaign in Alabama and there would be suspense over her winning California I don t know that I liked the story enough to continue the series, but I did appreciate the refreshing and sweet moments And a woman President Here is a glimpse of my dream ticket if Beto doesn t run Read for SBTB January March 2019 Quarterly Challenge A book with a character involved in politics. 3.5 starsFor a story with a political backdrop, about a gay campaign manager for a female Presidential candidate and an ex Navy SEAL with a six year old daughter, this story is surprisingly angst and conflict free Which could be a good or a bad thing Sam was upfront with Blake about what to expect, should Blake wanted to continue with the relationship There would be LONG working hours for Sam There would be weeks and weeks of Sam traveling across the country, which means that he and Blake could only communicate through other means It would be a tough long distance relationship and it was definitely NOT an ideal time to start a relationship.That fact was quite refreshing for me it was nice to see an MC who was quite mature in his expectations.Like I said, the book was really conflict free There was no big drama or a blow out between the two men Blake said that he would give it a try and he was quite committed There were no tantrum throwing moments Their families were quite supportive, even if Blake s mother was a little stand offish towards Sam at first Sam connecting with Olivia Blake s daughter quite well, and Olivia was also a nice little girl Heck, even Sam s sexuality status was not written as a huge deal Yep, he was a gay campaign manager, but that was it No cross burning in the media, no rampant attack on his lifestyle There were scenes of reporters coming to Blake s house but even that one was quite short.So, really, it depends on what you re looking for in your reading As for me, I quite welcome the change It s nice to read positivity in a setting where being an LGBT could be huge source of drama I mean, it s POLITIC There is a reason why I stay away from reading THOSE in real life It is also lovely to have a BISEXUAL character I don t know what the next story will be about, but I guess I will check out the sequel

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