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Seven Hills Away and Other Stories PREFACEThis book really started NVM s passion with the art of writing Swallow Press in Denver, Colorado, first printed the book inProfessor Alan Swallow believe that these short stores abou the Philippine life were worth sharingwith American readers The first to appreciate this slim volume of short stories was the Director of Humanities Division of the Rockefeller Foundation, Dr Charles Fahs He came to the Philippines and sought out NVM who was then editor of the Evening News Maagazine InNVM was named the first Filipino fellow of the Humanities Division of the Rockefeller Foundation NVM did not try to earn a degree He wanted instead to meet with writers and critics teaching in selected universities in the US He started in Stanford University and met Wallace Stegner and Katherine Porter His two classmates in Stanford, Ed Loomis University of Santa Barbara and Bob Williams of California State University, Hayward were later responsible in asking NVM to go to the US to teach When NVM came home in , he started to teach creative writing in University of Santo Tomas, Philippine Women s University, and University of the Philippines Narita M GonzalezUP Diliaman,

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    Cristina Pantoja Hidalgo qouted NVM Gonzalez or Nestor Vicenti Madali Gonzalez as the writer who never left home And if you would read his works you will know why Seven Hills Away and Other Stories is composed of 12 short stories written by NVM This collection short stories was first publish in Denver Colorado in the year 1947 All 12 short stories are tales that depict

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    BuwanNgMgaAkdangPinoyAklat 8 PITONG GULOD PA ANG LAYO AT IBA PANG KUWENTO ni Pambansang Alagad ng Sining N V M Gonzales Salin sa Filipino ni Ed Maranan Komisyon ng Wikang Filipino, 2015 Si Nestor Vicente Madali N.V.M Gonzales 1915 1999 ay ginawaran ng parangal bilang Pambansang Alagad ng Sining sa Panitikan noong 1997 Bale naparangalan siya noong siya ay 82 years old at pagk

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