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Si Inggolok at ang Planeta Pakaskas Welcome to a planet where everything is not only edible but delicious It s so delicious that its inhabitants can t stop eating it up and only Inggolok is smart enough to know what will happen next

About the Author: Rene O. Villanueva

Si Rene ay awtor ng mahigit limampung 50 aklat pambata at isang Carlos Palanca Hall of Fame awardee Isa siya sa mga orihinal na manunulat ng seryeng Aklat Adarna Naging executive producer ng Batibot at creative director ng Philippine Children s Television Foundation.

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    This story was originally written by Rene O Villanueva for Batibot, the children s television program most of my young friends in Goodreads grew up with The program that ran from 1984 1989 was patterned after Sesame Street.Then this story was adapted for an animated version and it won the gold medal

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    hindi ko mabasa bakit ganun

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    A book that teaches taking care of our resources.

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