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Someday's Dreamers: Spellbound, Vol. 05 Sometimes true love can t wait forever Eighteen year old Nami is a magic user with a keen interest in helping everyone but herself Ryutaro is the new boy in school he s rough around the edges and has a mysterious past, but beneath his rough exterior is a gentle soul When these two meet, they leave each other spellbound It s new love in the world of Someday s Dreamers

About the Author: Norie Yamada

Norie Yamada, born in Tokyo, is a Japanese screenwriter and writer She is part of the 51st generation of the Japan Writers Federation Writers School now Japan Writers Federation School She studied with the scriptwriter Hideo Takeuchi, and made her debut as a scriptwriter in Junior High School Diary One of her most representative works is the Important Things for Magicians series Her husband, Yuichiro Shinozaki, is an illustrator and manga artist.

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    Oh my gosh, I loved this series, but I hated the ending I loved it so much I hated it It made me want to cry.

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