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Someone We Know No One Does Suburban Paranoia Like Shari Lapena This Slowly Unfurling Nightmare Will Have You Biting Your Nails Until The End Ruth Ware, 1 New York Times Bestselling Author Of The Woman In Cabin 10The New Domestic Suspense Novel From The New York Times Bestselling Author Of The Couple Next Door, A Stranger In The House, And An Unwanted Guest, Shari LapenaMaybe You Don T Know Your Neighbors As Well As You Thought You Did This Is A Very Difficult Letter To Write I Hope You Will Not Hate Us Too Much My Son Broke Into Your Home Recently While You Were Out In A Quiet, Leafy Suburb In Upstate New York, A Teenager Has Been Sneaking Into Houses And Into The Owners Computers As Well Learning Their Secrets, And Maybe Sharing Some Of Them, Too.Who Is He, And What Might He Have Uncovered After Two Anonymous Letters Are Received, Whispers Start To Circulate, And Suspicion Mounts And When A Woman Down The Street Is Found Murdered, The Tension Reaches The Breaking Point Who Killed Her Who Knows Than They Re Telling And How Far Will All These Very Nice People Go To Protect Their Own Secrets In This Neighborhood, It S Not Just The Husbands And Wives Who Play Games Here, Everyone In The Family Has Something To Hide You Never Really Know What People Are Capable Of. I ve been a fan of this authors for a while now so was delighted to see she had another book coming out The one thing I am always guaranteed with her books is that from picking it up, I know I won t want to put it down anytime soon This one was no exception.The story is mainly set in the neighbourhood of where Amanda, the missing woman, lived It does flick between different characters but the main one seemed to be Olivia Olivia is just your everyday wife and mother but with the disappearance of her neighbour, seems to come a whole heap of people with suspicious minds and accusations.This is one of those stories where it goes to show that you never know what truly goes on behind closed doors or how well do we know our neighbours, or for that fact, the people we live with There are so many revelations that kept me swaying as to who I thought the murderer was This is an author who truly knows how to mess with her readers head There really are so many suspects as to who could have killed the missing woman Her husband I immensely disliked from the start It s obvious he is hiding something but quite what I was desperate to know The further into the story, the suspects come to light and I loved the build of tension as we know there is only a matter of time before the police discover the killer When that happens, woah Didn t see that coming Someone We Know is a truly brilliant psychological thriller that filled me full of intrigue and excitement It felt like I was one of the residents, joining in on the gossiping and throwing accusations around I was truly in my element with this book So many secrets and lies and I couldn t get enough I thought the ending was great, my only niggle is it was a little open ended for me leaving a couple of things unanswered in my mind Don t get me wrong, it certainly didn t spoil my enjoyment as I absolutely loved this book but would love for the author to write a follow up just to tie everything up in my head as I m a sucker for everything ending neatly.My Thanks to Anne Cater, Bantam Press for an advanced readers copy of this book All opinions are my own and not biased in anyway. I don t feel like I have a lot to say about this one, other than I really enjoyed it, and I think fans of thrillers that feature in depth character study and traditional, reliable mysteries will too It s refreshing to be able to stumble across suspense novels today that are than the sum of their twists, and while Someone We Know definitely keeps you guessing until the end, it s not a one hit wonder Highly recommended to those readers who want to get back to their roots of finding a read that is mysterious, suspenseful, and downright thought provokingMany thanks to the publisher for providing my review copy. This is a very difficult letter to write I hope you will not hate us too much My son broke into your home recently while you were out A teenage boy who breaks into his neighbors homes to look around and hack into their computers A woman down the street reported missing by her husband is later found dead.Who is the young hacker and who killed the woman I found this book to be extremely enjoyable Everyone has secrets Even if you think you know your neighbors, do you truly know what goes on behind closed doors How well do you know your spouse In this book, secrets will be revealed as the twists and turns keep coming There are several suspects and each one is plausible and makes sense Just when the police bring in one suspect, someone comes forward with information or to admit to a lie I was right there with the investigators changing my suspect list as the book progressed I love putting on my super sleuth hat and trying to figure out whodunit and enjoyed every second of this layered plot As the lies and secrets are revealed, husbands and wives will learn harsh truths about each other, and neighbors will learn about their neighbors than they might have wanted to know There are quite a few characters in this book, but they all have distinct personalities which makes it very easy to keep track of them.Lapena did not disappoint with this book She is a clever writer who she everything together in the end in a pleasing and interesting way I love her writing I found the reactions of the characters to be realistic and found this book to be a fun, thought provoking and riveting page turner I also appreciated that the reveal did not come of left field with this book The reveal was believable and well done Whether you figure it out or not, this book was a wonderful whodunit The pacing was spot on There was never a dull moment and nothing in the book felt rushed The only reason this book didn t 5 stars from me is because I would have liked to have known of the backstory between the murdered woman and her husband, otherwise, this was a hit for me.As long as Lapena keeps writing I will keep reading her books.Thank you to the Publisher and Edelweiss who provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. What a neighbourhood Seemingly quiet and middle class on the surface but behind closed doors, there are affairs, secrets, a teenage boy breaking into their houses and a missing woman later found murdered Lapena keeps us guessing as the murder suspects pile up and the police keep changing their focus Some of the characters are not very likeable and some seem pleasant enough but are hiding unpleasant secrets An engaging, suspenseful read with enough twists to keep the waters muddy until the murderer finally reveals themselves With thanks to Netgalley and Random House for a digital copy to read

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