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Sometimes I Think I Hear My Name Too Many Questions It wasn t that thirteen year old Conrad didn t like living with his aunt and uncle in St Louis It s just that his mother and father both lived in New York and he hadn t seen them lately And he had a few questions he needed to have answered That s how Conrad happened to spend the strangest week of his life in New York City with a girl he hardly knew and getting answers than he had questionsabout his parents, himself, and what real families are all aboutConrad lives in St Louis with his aunt and uncle, who his divorced parents feel can provide the stable home life they can t manage in New York City When his mother decides that he should spend spring vacation in London instead of with her, Conrad is sure something is wrong, and he goes to New York to find out what Once there he contacts Nancy, a secretive girl with a family life just as strange as Conrad s With Nancy by his side, Conrad embarks on a remarkable adventure of discovery about his family and about himself I think this book had a very good plot idea However, the book kind of lost me in the middle The whole thing about his parents being divorsed did not affect the book as much as I would have liked it to.It was an ok book. Argh This book is so real, so painful, so sad, and ultimately beautiful As I read it, I thought it was just a story of a 13 year old boy who missed his parents In the end it turned out to be a piece of art about human emotion and frailty. A less fantastical, angstier book than Charlotte Doyle, this Avi y a novel concerns two kids with different ways of disguising the truth about their family lives It was a very powerful book for me in jr high. What a strange book Deals with broken marriages that break apart and that insist on staying together, and the damage that comes to the children in those marriages.

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