The FBI Says This Is Not Called the Sociopath PDF ë

The FBI Says This Is Not Called the Sociopath Frank and Charles are detectives who are hunting for Randall Lang Gant, the ruthless serial killer, as he roams through the asshole of the city I know that is the start of a terrible pulp novel terrible pulp novel that is redundant, I know You, the reader, just have to look through the book You will find out that the story is impossible, nev.well.whatever, avant garde, and just plain fucked up Throw in a narrator and some chaos and I, the writer, might just be able to drive the reader crazy and make them the a sociopath It is all from insanity It s not a pulp detective type novel It may not even really be a novel it s an anti novel It may seemingly be but it probably closely resemble cryptic coded transmissions from distant alien intelligences out in the cosmos This doesn t actually sound like a summary of the book, but a way to be cool and different It may be a gov t project Shhhhhhhhh.

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