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Splish Splash As fresh and sparkling as a mountain stream, Splish Splash invites young readers to plunge into the pleasures of concrete poetry, to have fun with words and ideas, and to see and appreciate the shapes of language and of everyday thingsTop Books of the Century Nonfiction , Instructor magazine A School Library Journal Best Book of the Year A National Council of Teachers of English Notable Children s Book in the Langauge Arts A Children s Book of the Year, Child Study Children s Book Committee at Bank Street College New York Public LibraryTitles for Reading and Sharing Great Stone Face Book Award Nominee, New Hampshire A Kansas State Reading Circle Selection Children s Books Mean Business, ABA CBC Exhibit California Collection , and

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    3.5 STARSI really loved the author s newer collection Flicker Flash and don t feel this was quite as strong Some of the poems are still really good and there is a fun variety of different forms of water but some of the poems were a bit bland I also wasn t a fan of the illustrations either in style or as advancing the poetry which is a big drawback when dealing w concrete poetry Bummer.

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    POETRY Cute, water themed poetry for kindergarteners or first graders.

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    This book is filled with different poems about water and where you might see it Each poem has a major theme and explains where what how the water is used and its purpose The illustrations are made up with the words and creatively laid out so that it illustrates the water in each setting Children will be able to get a sense of what phase the water liquid, ice is in and how we use it in everyday life.Splish Splash is an enjoyable collection of poems that introduces younger kids different elem This book is

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    Book Splish, Splash By Joan Bransfield Graham Clouds Up in the air, gatheringOf water drops, a crowd,Huddling, a puddling,Just dampness is allowedFrom lakes and ponds, many placesToo many to keep track But when it rains and rains and poursClouds put the water backOVERVIEW This poem screams science I would use this poem when discussing the earth and science category of the GELDS The objective would be for children to investigate and asks questions about the properties of water I could also Book Splish, Splash B

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    This would be a great introduction to poetry to young readers as the words, ideas, shapes, and language is conducive to young readers The poems in this book would be something that children could relate to because they know what water does They might not know what water does all the time in every situation, but the picturs and the words make it so it is easy for them to know The children might know the famous song of splish splash I was taking a bath, and that could also be used in a lesson a This would be a great i

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    Splish Splash is a wonderful beginner reading book Chub the fish enjoys sitting in his tub and when ten of his friends want to come in chub says jump in if you wish The story is great for beginner readers and Ashley Wolff s illustrations add colorful and playful fun I believe this is a great kindergarten or first grade book Great for beginner readers I would use this book as a take home book for children to practice reading.

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    I bought this book for my 3 year old daughter at a yard sale but knew nothing about it It has since become one of our favorites, and my daughter requests it all the time It is actually a book of poems, all about the different forms that water takes The poems are short and most have some form of rhyme They are all picture poems, in that the words take the shape of the water they are describing It s charming and clever and a great way to introduce little ones to poetry

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    Concrete poetry all about water I like some of these better than others I really liked the repetition and the shape of waterfall I also really enjoyed sprinkler, Popsicle, Steam, Wave, and Icicle Some of these are really simple, but some use some very descriptive vocabulary that would be difficult for language learners.

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    The selection of poems included in this book are both concrete and about water The concrete poem takes the shape or form of the object it is describing The students will enjoy reading these fun poems in a variety of shapes I would recommend this book to first through fourth grade.

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    I found this book to be very entertaining I thought the poems were kid friendly, and the way in which the poems were written was very creative I think this book would be a good book to have to introduce poetry to young children A future purchase of this book is almost certain.

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