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Stormy Nights Sex and love, lies and truth, shades in between Happy endings and might have beens Nine tales of these things between men Jules Jones Gone Fishing Naked One Size Fits All The Fraudster A Sparrow Flies Through And if I offered Thee a Bargain Storm Duffy Any Port in a Storm Management Practices Car Wash

About the Author: Jules Jones

Jules Jones is a British author of science fiction and erotic romance, mostly with m m themes Much of her work is cross genre, being science fiction or fantasy with a strong romance element Her day job is materials science, and it tends to show many of her characters are scientists, engineers, and sundry other geeks I write science fiction, fantasy and romance I read lots of things.My main library catalogue is over on LibraryThing, because I m the sort of anal retentive bibliophile who wants to record the exact print run and page count of my individual copy of a book This account s always going to be a somewhat out of date and partial mirror But it lets me put my book reading log up on GoodReads to share with my friends over here.

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    A Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words Review An Alisa Review Rating 3 stars out of 5This is a nice collection of stories Every story was quite different from the others which I always like in a anthology While over all I liked this collection of stories they all just didn t quite h

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    AKA the book that changed my mind about erotica I ve never been a big fan of the genre, but this collection of stories blew me away Too often, the characters in erotica don t seem humanlike sex robots programmed to fulfill a certain fantasy This author, however, has an amazing talent for e

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