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Succubus Blues When It Comes To Jobs In Hell, Being A Succubus Seems Pretty Glamorous A Girl Can Be Anything She Wants, The Wardrobe Is Killer, And Mortal Men Will Do Anything Just For A Touch Granted, They Often Pay With Their Souls, But Why Get Technical But Seattle Succubus Georgina Kincaid S Life Is Far Less Exotic At Least There S Her Day Job At A Local Bookstore Free Books All The White Chocolate Mochas She Can Drink And Easy Access To Bestselling, Sexy Writer, Seth Mortensen, Aka He Whom She Would Give Anything To Touch But Can T.But Dreaming About Seth Will Have To Wait Something Wicked Is At Work In Seattle S Demon Underground And For Once, All Of Her Hot Charms And Drop Dead One Liners Won T Help Because Georgina S About To Discover There Are Some Creatures Out There That Both Heaven And Hell Want To Deny.

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    4.5 stars Love is rarely flawless, Carter pointed out Humans delude themselves by thinking it has to be It is the imperfection that makes love perfect

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    3.5 stars Meet succubus Georgina Kincaid Georgina Kincaid is a succubus, an immortal creature that feeds on other people s vital energy in order to survive Most of the time, she does that during sex Except for that detail about her, Georgina is a charismatic and easy going woman that works in a library She s in fact quite an interesting and entertaining character The story kicks when an immortal powerful vampi

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    This book is choose all that apply a Boring as fish.b Wondrously crappy.c Exquisitely decaf, diet, GMO and gluten free.d Flat as my now infamous herd of ironing boards.e A safe haven for severely misunderstood drama llamas.f So PG 13 it reads like a Seizure Inducing Paranormal Chick Lit Type Thingie SIPCLTT.g ALL of the above.h ALL of the above.Quite logically, a b c d e f g h me feeling a teensy little bit like thi

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    I really enjoyed this book and I enjoyed that it, in a number of areas, was brave enough to break away from the stereotype that the paranormal urban romance genre is famous for.On one hand, I enjoyed the plot, story and characters It was paced well, easy to read, enjoyable The characters were fresh, original in some regards and likable.The great reveal was painfully easy to guess and I had suspected it from the beginning,

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    You know you don t like a book when you would rather fold laundry than pick it up again As I was struggling with this book yesterday, I was thinking, Maybe I have some dishes to do or something What chores can I do Not a good sign Some mild spoilers ahead Most people love this book so feel free to ignore me In all fairness, I had read some really good urban fantasy books right before this one so I was coming off a huge UF high

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    3.5 stars.This gif represents EXACTLY how I felt about this book I was eager to start it, I found it a little tough to get into though, I struggled with convincing myself to keep going midway through, but at the end everything started happening really fast and suddenly I was finished it lolI read this book on several glowing recommendations from trusted readers who compared it to the Fever and Night Huntress series both of which are

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    I liked this book a lotthan I imagined I would I m not really a hardcore urban fantasy fan, I much prefer series like this with the softer, chick lit style writing complete with witty dialogue and hot immortal men Georgina Kincaid is a very likeable heroine, not a pretentious do gooder but nice enough that you care about what happens to her.This first novel in the series is full of steamy sex, hilariously quotable writing and a supernatura

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    3.5 starsI read Succubus Blues first over 2 years ago and liked it A LOT Since then Mead embarked on a money making trip and managed to completely ruin Vampire Academy for me The latest Succubus book was meh as well Her Dark Swan books are not even worth mentioning IMO I started questioning myself were Mead s books ever good Or I simply liked them because this series was one of my first encounters with fresh then genre of urban fantasy Good news

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    We all have moments of weakness It s how we recover from them that really counts Georgina isn t your typical succubus Disliking what she is, she mainly focuses on feeding from men without as much of a conscience like her boss , but doesn t have to slaughter them like succubus of legend When working in the bookstore as a manager, she meets her favorite author, starts dating a new man in town, and works with other paranormals to figure out who is offing

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    WARNING The following review is not supposed to make any sense If, through an unholy miracle, it does make sense then you should consult a doctor at once You might have an evil cotton candy monster living in your brain.After a failed attempt with The Blood That Bonds, Anzu decides to go for something else in the Urban Fantasy genre Since she is such a sadistic person she goes for Succubus Blues, another book she was sure she will hate Deep inside she was s

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