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Tempestuous Revelation Dominic And Mason Have Barely Come To Grips With The New Aspects Of Their Bond When One Tiny Slip Up Shines A Light On Their Forbidden Relationship With Societal Pressure Weighing Down On Them, The Brothers Are Faced With An Impossible Decision One That Could Endthan Their Taboo Love

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    Dominic Mason comfortably continue their uber taboo affair, which they began in Tempestuous Relations But they soon realize that soc

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    Great, although short, continuation to the Tempestuous Relations, dealing with agression from the close minded townfolks towards the brothers,

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    The shit hits the fan when a friend blabs to the entire town that Dom and his twin brother Mason are shagging Some friend Wouldn t he have talked to his

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    Dom and Mason have continued their relationship and are unfortunately seen by a friend in a compromising position What are they going to do now

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    Very quick More plot in this one than the previous one, but still not a huge amount of relationship development since it is so short.

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    Still Still

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    2.8 StarsOnly slightly better than the previous book because it had some real world consequences sneak up on them and kick the twins in the ass I liked that Means they have to work at being ha

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    Only with a handful of authors, that I m willing to venture to themes I don t usually like, examples twincest I like the first book since it has a touch of angst in in, which reminds me of a short movie

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    OMG Poor guys What kinda friend would do that Ok yes it is taboo and a little out there but who cares It s not like they re doin it in front if your kids What they do in their house is no one s business Anyway, I

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    Another great read from Amanda Younggreat conclusion for the twinsnot for those who do not enjoy reading taboo storiesmust read Book 1 Tempestuous Relations to enjoy and understand this book

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