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Temporary Wife Ok a 4.25 for me 2 of the stars just for the h, Emily one of my all time favorite hs.The premise of the H loving OW always promises a lot of angst as happens in this one I generally like this trope quite well but of course the H h relationship has to be handled in a believable manner,so if anyone has a good book suggestion pls let me know The book starts with pov of the H Luke n the OW Gina his elderly boss s wife so no chances of misunderstanding their feelings or motivations They concoct a plan for a m i n o for the H h to fool the OW s husband as someone has caught them out and threatens to tell the boss They were real lowlifes So the h Emily Lamb who is a sort of a girl friday for the OW is roped in for an amount of money she desperately needs without telling her the whole truth.For about 3 4th of the book the H is actively pining for Gina sex with Gina and is having dirty weekends while poor boss is in a clinic for checkups and thursday afternoons rendezvous which so gross you out.The H is portrayed as a softspoken never seen this adjective used for an H before intelligent successful corporate kinds and if you leave out the cheating part he can be called as sensitive and gentle.But the thing is I just couldn t ignore the cheating and going behind the back of his boss who is a kindly older man and has been his mentor,guide and champion in business.The H s moral compass is totally and unforgivably skewed and even if he does have some rare guilty twinges,the solution for him is getting a job somewhere else and taking Gina away with him His insensitivity includes making out with Gina even at the boss s house and calling out Gina s name while kissing Emily on their honeymoon.But the fact is he also comes across as an idiot for not seeing that Gina is only using him fr sex and never had any intention of leaving her husband and rather has plans to be a rich widow.Anyways coming to Emilywhat a sweet refreshing and lively h, she carries the whole book on her delicate shoulders Her witty smart personality and some of her thoughts, words and actions just totally endear her.The author really excels at places and then you realise why you keep digging out these oldies to read She falls in love with Luke pretty quickly and deserved so much After shockingly finding the cheating duo in a cinch on her wedding day she still carries on quite gracefully and fulfils her part of the deal while the H continues with his dinner a deux with the OW.And as the H s blind obsession for the OW continues for a long time in the book,so his developing feelings for Emily in the end seem contrived and somewhat hasty whereas as the reader you easily see Emily as the much loveable woman right from the start.So adding all things your grouse with the stupid and blind H keeps growing and growing till you want to shout dump the jerk please.So yes the last few chapters could have been done in a better way with the OW slowly but surely fading out in the H s life and thoughts but still i enjoyed reading about Emily and her straightforward and witty ways. Emily Lamb thought Luke Adams was attractive and powerful enough to arrange his own marriage but when her friend Gina Harrick asked her to marry him for business reasons, Emily had her own reasons for agreeing.It was, of course, to be a temporary marriage of convenience only Emily hadn t counted on falling in love with Luke Nor had she suspected that the secret behind the business reasons was the fact that Luke was in love with Gina, his boss s wife. It was a good book and I liked the fact the heroine stayed quite strong until the end The male lead had no integrity or morals to sleep with a friends wife which he did right up till died so I don t think his character can ever be redeemed but the book had angst which I enjoyed. Did nt liked the book,the character Luke was too shallow,selfish,manipulative,hypocrit and back stabber had no morals ethicshero Luke was in love with his friend boss Charles wife Gina and kept sleeping with her behind his Charles s back and when Charles s nephew catches them he and Gina both plan to save themselves and hide their affair,Luke marries Emily who is a warm lively good woman,Emily knows Luke loves Gina but she still marries himAfter marriage Luke still keeps sleeping with Gina and leaves Emily alone in his flat and goes to dinner and spends nights with her then Charles falls ill and just for show Luke takes Emily for honeymoon in Paris there he seems to enjoy himself with Emily and then goes in guilt as how can he betray Gina this way and he is back to cold selfEmily is really hurt and now has given up her hope of ever making her husband hers,she goes to dinner with Robert which angers Luke and makes him jealous and now he realises i love Emily but still fighting it,Charles dies and Gina is happy that now Luke and she can get married,but now Luke who has fallen in love with Emily does nt sleeps with Gina which Gina thinks he is only paying respect to Charles soul i laughed so hard at this line these two shameless people when he was alive did nt cared about what if Charles finds out and now they are paying respect but Luke tells her he does nt loves her,what they had was excitement but he loves EmilyGina is angry,says bitter things and even goes ahead and tells Emily Luke she are getting married its better she moves out today and leaves,Luke comes tells her he loves her and cries and asks forgiveness,Emily says how can she trust him he says he is just a man not a saint he made a mistake of falling in love with wrong woman but does nt mean he can t falls in love with right woman and that is Emily and now he wants to starts their marriage and we have HEAI really wanted Emily to move out and divorce Luke,i have my doubts on his fidelity and their HEAIf they had shown Luke not sleeping with Gina and respecting his marriage vows it would still have made the story a little better but Luke not only betrayed his friend Charles but also destroyed Emily s life by marrying her and involving her in it,Gina the less said the better Altho I try to avoid such books, I have read a handful of romances where the hero was actively in love with another woman before finally turning toward the heroine I rarely believe in the HEA when a book starts this way and this one was no exception The hero was in love with the Other Woman for 3 4 of the book and there is plenty of narrative shown from his POV so that there can be no mistaking where his heart lay And despite, continuing to carry on an affair with the Other Woman, he had shown a dog in the manger in regards to the heroine, his wife in name only right from the start so that when he does decide he is in love with the heroine, I didnt find it at all believable Because he s a dog, period.The heroine was funny, lively, and upfront I really liked her and thought she was wasted on the hero Tropes Marriage of Convenience, Makeover 3 stars for the heroine and a half a star for Roberta Leigh pulling off this scenario.Wonderfully compelling trainwreck of a book Hero marries the heroine to cover up his affair with his boss s wife If you can get past that premise you ll enjoy the book Heroine is engaging and because she wants the hero, I m glad she got her HEA Hero is an in love idiot and because the OW is really kind of smarmy, I found I was glad he was rescued from that doomed to go nowhere relationship. I have no words for my love for this book It was perfect in every way, exactly what I was craving for after months yes, months of not reading anythingIt was also one of the most unique books I have ever read, dealing with the issue of the H having an affair with a married woman which is such a despicable thing, but the way the author dealt with this, the way she portrays the hero and the rest of his character and personality is so powerful it makes my like for the hero overcome my disgust And let s not also forget my default inherent preference of Hs over hs in any given book unless the book s extra special, when I like the h better than the H which was the case in this book And when that happens, the book instantly becomes a favourite when I can sympathise with, feel for, understand, and cheer on the h that is one of the best gifts a writer gives to her or his but I generally don t prefer romances written by males readers.The second unique thing was the heroine SHE WAS SO PERFECT AND AWESOME AND KICKASS AND KIND AND WARM AND CHARMING AND DID I SAY KICKASS BECAUSE SHE WAS Emily is one of the absolute best perfect combination of sweetheart kickass heroines ever written I loved how she was so outright and honest, I loved her hilarious comments applaud to the author for the witty dialogue one of the most unique dialigue wise books I ve read too and I loved how she was so kind and true to herself, and I loved how she made lemonade out of lemons at any given time, and I loved how she refused to be bitter and wallow in self pity and misery even though she was than justified , and I loved her practicality, and her loyalty, and how she didn t behave in the least bit inappropriately with the OW who was not really much of an OW, just a friend who was in love with her and her impeccable morals and how she didn t want to hurt anyone s feelins and basically JUST EVERYTHING, OKAY.PERFECT BOOK, PERFECT HEROINE, LESS THAN PERFECT HERO BUT WITH THE PERFECTEST GROVEL AND THEREFORE FORGIVEN THEREFORE ALSO PERFECT HERO.Over and out I must go sleep, it s almost 4 am and I have to go the hospital at 7 and then to uni after that, and I have an exam next week AND I FREAKING GRADUATE IN TWO MONTHS INSHAA ALLAH AND I DON T HAVE TIME TO EAT, MUCH LESS SPEND 2 HOURS READING A NOVEL MY GOD WHAT HAVE I DONE AND NOW THE GUILT SINKS IN G BYE Y ALL, I MISS YOU LOADS, I LOVE YOU, AND NO, I DON T THINK I LL BE BACK ANYTIME SOON. Why on earth did I give four stars to a book about a despicable, cheating, WEAK H Because he wasn t really the Hero he starts the book as very mediocre heroine Think about it He s a ridiculously good looking person in a career that supposedly requires decisiveness and brainpower, something that is impossible for the reader to believe since most of his observations are of the I like pie level of complexity I can t count how many books where the h supposedly was a brilliant scientist or doctor or engineer yet was constantly getting trapped in closets or being conned by grifting relatives.The author constantly emphasizes his very fair blondness his hair is almost silver, which is an attribute that Old Skool authors typically assign to only the most magical pixie h s who normally need someone to guide them through life because they are too ditzy and out of it to understand how the world works He s fixated on the OW despite the h s unsparing comments about how morally bankrupt they both are He never has any sort of convincing response to what the h says How many books have we read where the h loves an unworthy man and defends herself with a complete lack of logic, even as the H remains nearby, making disparaging comments and occasionally administering punishing kisses.The h, on the other hand, loves him silently but never sacrifices her self respect and is always seen with an admiring swain OM who makes the H who isn t really an H, of course, but for the sake of clarity let s keep calling him that insanely jealous even as the h refuses to clarify her relationship with the OM sound familiar Further, this h has a strong sense of values and is admired by everyone In other words, SHE S the real H When he realizes that he loves the h, he agonizes over it for a while h behavior again until finally deciding to set things to rightsand that s when he turns into an H and wins the h By the end, the H was completely changed due to the h s transformational love now he knows what love really is.Notably, the h also remains an H, which makes this a rather groundbreaking book about a romance between two H s not that there s anything wrong with that.I admit, it s not a perfect theory because most Old Skool h s are virgins and the H was definitely NOT Also, the h sometimes showed her vulnerability, which an Old Skool H would definitely not She foolishly believed the OW at the end, which was surprising However, that s my story and I m sticking to it. So glad I picked this up on a whim and went straight into it without reading any reviews so I could enjoy the ride without knowing what was coming H is in love with the boss s wife and having a full fledged love affair behind his back Yes, it s dispicable and I couldn t imagine how the H could turn around from this But here s where Roberta Leigh shines She introduces them first and makes them look like a highly misunderstood couple, deeply in love surrounded by circumstances they can t control I almost rooted for them from the start Yes, I m well aware cheating is horrible Not condoning it, merely giving credit to good writing.The boss s nephew finds out and threatens to tell unless they break it off or the H quits I don t want to give too much away because there s some fabulous angsty read on how they deal with this and I hope readers enjoy it like I did Briefly I will just say the cheating wife comes up with the brilliant plan of asking her mousy, doormaty friend, our sweet h, who desperately needs money, to get into a marriage contract with the H to throw the nephew off their scent.Of course the only spoke in the wheel is that her friend, the sweet h, is neither a doormat nor mousy once she went for a make over so it was a joy watching their well laid plans turn to smithereens as h and H gently and inevitably fall in love Love so many things about this novel Firstly h is no martyr Her reasons for going through the MOC are not above judgement, no dying relative to save so she was never self righteous She s devastated to discover H s duplicity but she reacts with dignified anger, no tantrums She doesn t tell on them but neither does she let them off the hook The evilness of the now OW is slowly revealed, H comes to his senses, tries to undo the damage and attempts to grovel for the h One of my best reads in recent weeks There is almost no sex scenes at all Yes, they manage to fall in love without the standard omg she s actually a virgin wish I was gentler discovery typical of than a few vintage romances Having said that, when I discovered the husband they cheated on was not some evil, manipulative, old man preying on a much younger woman but a decent guy who spent a lot of time coaching the H to be the successful person he was, it left a bad taste in my mouth He went straight into the needs a blow job from a shark category quickly So that knocked off a star in an otherwise really good novel. I couldn t quite get emotionally invested in Luke and Emily I liked the storyline It might have been better if it was longer so that some of the emotional changes realizations could have taken a little longer so the reader could become a little bit invested Well written but missed a little something somewhere 2.5 stars.

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