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Tempted Librarian Note This is the original cover edition of ASIN BMLKZWO The alternate cover edition can be found hereNSTANT DANGEROn the run from a mental institution and her vindictive half brother, it s safe to say that Sarah Pringle s happy life as a schoolteacher is on hold Too bad that as far as self defense goes, run and hide is the best she s got And with the monsters that started her escape hot on her heels, that s not going to cut it for longINSTANT LUSTThat is, unless Sarah has a bigger, badder, hotter monster on her side Max Petrovsky is right at the top of the list of alpha male ass kickers And he knows exactly what Sarah s up against Good thing, because the minute he sees her something primal kicks in, turning everyday attraction into red hot desire As long as they re cooperating, why not mix some pleasure with business Of course, Max should probably tell Sarah he s a vampire himself, words

About the Author: Rebecca Zanetti

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Rebecca Zanetti has worked as an art curator, Senate aide, lawyer, college professor, and a hearing examiner only to culminate it all in stories about Alpha males and the women who claim them She writes dark paranormals, romantic suspense, and sexy contemporary romances.

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    First read Dec 15 2014Reread Nov 23 2016Rereread 2 12 2018What a great lil novella I loved getting to seeof Max I loved him from the first two books and Sarah was great This story had so much meat to it It didn t feel rushed or like something is missing like most Novella I read I think it could have been a full novel though, but it was great getting to

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    A novella that is part of the Dark Protectors series by Rebecca Zanetti it was a great addition to the series and I am glad I took the time to check it out

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    Max SarahMax Petrovsky is a huge, strong, scary vampire, the right hand of Kayrs bothers and a nanny Particularly, he is little Janie s babysitter Little Janie wanted him to look after her as soon as she discovered that his eyes are pink The King needed to be absolutely sure DageYou ve spent two hundred years protecting the Realm, fighting for our people, ensuring my s

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    4 Sorry, vamp Not going to happen Stars Rebecca Zanetti, managed to pack an awful lot of story into this novella I wish it had been longer and that is the only reason I dropped it down a star I think Max and Sarah had enough going for them to get a full length book.We have seen glimpses of Max throughout the previous books as he is Janie s main guard I have had a soft spot for

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    2 StarsI couldn t get into it maybe that was my problem Maybe I m just not into novellas or maybe I couldn t see the chemistry between the main characters I found Sarah a bit annoying and the tension kind of annoying too.I found the politics kind of boring and overall, I think I like the full length novels .

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    I was excited that Max got his own book Wish it was full length, but I will take what ever I can get with these sexy heroes, Rebecca has created I have been curious about Max since the beginning of this series when he started being Janie s bodyguard Loved how we got to see his past and how he became Janie s bodyguard He is so sweet to Janie in Fated 1 and Claimed 2, but it was a treat to see

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    4 stars Don t panic here, darlin But we re about to snuggle Okay, I m just a wee bit excited over hereBecause I liked this one and had fun with it He waited as she settled her stance Then went for a knee shot.It was the worst side kick he d ever seen Her worn tennis shoe bounced off his knee, causing nohurt than a breeze She stumbled and he reached out to steady her His hand easily wrapped around her

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    Tempted by Rebecca ZanettiGenres Adult, Paranormal, Romance, Suspense 4.75 StarsAt about 90 pages it is a short read, but don t let the size fool you Fast paced and overflowing with suspense and action Max is a gentle and intelligent giant of a man vampire Sarah is a highly intelligent but very frightened woman She has good reason to be afraid They fit perfectly and heat up the pages with their passion The K

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    Tempted is the story of Sarah and Max.Another human on the run from the evil Kurjans..Another vampire who rescues her, discovers she s his mate which is followed by intense banging..Some evil and courtroom drama..Acceptance of fate.Honestly, this bored me The characters felt very unidimensional, and if it wasnt for the ball slapping ass sex, this would have been a one star Very not interesting.Safe1.5 5

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    Tempted is such a wonderful novella Max is such a sweetheart for an enormous, deadly male I wasn t sure I d like Max in his own story, he seemed sort of bland as little Janie s bodyguard But when the king offered Max the job of guarding the four year old and after talking with her, when Dage asked Max if it came down to saving the king s life or Janie s, Max responded she lives I fell so hard for him from that moment Sarah

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