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Tempting Eternity Gemini Ascending Tempting Eternity, The Latest In The Gemini Ascending Series Of Novels, Is Meant For Those Who Believe The World We Live In, The Lives That We Lead, And The Wonders That We See In The Universe All Have Purpose The Unfolding Events On Earth Over Time Has Created Serious Consequences For Its People, Steering Them Towards An Unimaginable Fate, One That Very Few Are Aware OfHowever, An Immortal, Driven To Evolve, And A Psychiatric Patient, Whose Doctors Strive To Unravel The Secrets Hidden In The Depths Of His Mind, Could Give The Earth A Chance, Unless They Fail In Their Initial QuestsThe Incredible Ending In This Latest Novel, The Women Who Emerge To Take On Leadership Roles While Struggling With Their Personal Relationships, And The Breadth Of Storyline Creates A Tale, In Modern Times, Similar To That In The Game Of Thrones, And Lord Of The Rings Terranova S Concise Prose Generates Memorable Scenes Kirkus Reviews The Story Triumphantly Fuses Fantasy With Real World Relationships Kirkus Reviews A Captivating Otherworldly Sequel That Should Appeal To Both New And Returning Readers Kirkus Reviews

About the Author: Mark John Terranova

Mark John Terranova has been expressing the essence of life in his poetry and short stories for many years Dancing on Dewdrops is a wonderful non fiction book of poetry, prayers and short stories Gemini Ascending Book 1 Eternal Twins is the start of an intriguing series read the book s description and ratings.GEMINI ASCENDING Tempting Eternity Terranova s concise prose generates memorable scenes Kirkus Reviews The story triumphantly fuses fantasy with real world relationships Kirkus Reviews A captivating otherworldly sequel that should appeal to both new and returning readers Kirkus Reviews Although a work of fiction, the GEMINI ASCENDING SERIES is being written specifically for people who believe the world we live in, and this universe has purpose By the end of this latest book, the cast of characters, the women who emerge to take on leadership roles, while struggling with personal relationships, and the breadth of storyline creates a fascinating tale for the reader, a modern day version of Game of Thrones Given the complexity of the plot, and the diverse number of key characters in the entire storyline, GEMINI ASCENDING Tempting Eternity, starts out by first providing a complete, yet concise summary of Book 1 in the Series Eternal Twins This background information allows any new reader to comfortably enter the series at this point On a personal note, given the domestic tragedies occurring in this country for many decades, I have included the following dedication in this book For the children, teenagers, and adults who have fallen before our eyes, I pray for them and their families may God bless them and give them strength And I pray that we never forget them as we diligently press for change, no matter how long it takesSincerely,Mark John Terranova

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    A welcome departure from my conventional reading genre, I found Gemini Ascending Tempting Eternity captivating and an imaginatively well written fictional suspense thriller This sequel is self contained and summarized a previous work, such that I was able to enjoy this book from the outset.I quickly became engrossed in the subplots and themes I am spellbound by the meticulously researched details and plausibility of each scene T

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    Gemini Ascending Tempting Eternity is an epic story that will keep you exponentially interested with each page you turn This developing story is very fluid, coherent and will keep you engaged within the first couple chapters This book has action, mystery, drama, and so muchI found this to be very articulate and expressive with every sentence, easily conveying the intended thought or feeling The story built up to an impressive endi

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    I havent read many sci fi books, but this one I received from a Goodreads giveaway and enjoyed it.I am thankful that the author includes a summary of the events from the previous book, so I wasnt completely lost when I began this story.However, it did still take me some time to get the characters in order in my head.The book was a quick read, very detailed and I didnt want to put it down.Interested to see what will happen to these c

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    I am not normally a science fiction reader, but I found this book to be highly engaging As a result, it ended up being a quick read for me, as the interweaving plots made it easy to want to keep reading I wish I had half as creative a mind as the author

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    The story take off right away, and is exciting I found myself trying to stay up that extra 15 minutes to see what happened in the next chapter I would recommend this book if you enjoy science fiction mixed with surrealism.

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    I love how this story came together I wish I could have read the first book It was well written and loved how it kept me on the edge of my seat and didn t want it to end..

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