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The Adventures and Misadventures of Maqroll Maqroll the Gaviero the Lookout is one of the most alluring and memorable characters in the fiction of the last twenty five years His extravagant and hopeless undertakings, his brushes with the law and scrapes with death, and his enduring friendships and unlooked for love affairs make him a Don Quixote for our day, driven from one place to another by a restless and irregular quest for the absolute lvaro Mutis s seven dazzling chronicles of the adventures and misadventures of Maqroll have won him numerous honors and a passionately devoted readership throughout the world Here for the first time in English all these wonderful stories appear in a single volume in Edith Grossman s prize winning translation

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    I usually tell people that I met Maqroll the Gaviero for the first time on June 3rd, 2015, but our acquaintance actually dates from much earlier In December 2012, my good friend Benvolio di Adelaido introduced me to him,

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    This New York Review Books edition contains seven linked novellas by the great Colombian poet and novelist lvaro Mutis I ll be posting a review of each novella as I move through the book Here is my review of the first three T

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    I recommend this to no one No one Read your post moderns and your initialed ones Be cognoscenti Let this be my secret My adultery.I may have found the book to take on the getaway spaceship.Jesus, sweet Jesus, this was good.___ ___

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    It is August, a warm sultry August An implacable heat hangs like a pall over the town, sapping energy from the veins, filming the skin with moisture, leaching purpose and efficiency out of my days to leave them washed in a colourless l

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    This was fated to happen to me To me and nobody else Some things I ll never learn Their accumulated presence in one s life amounts to what fools call destiny Cold comfort Wheels within wheels, stories within stories The Adventures and Misad

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    A beautiful and comic voyage of a book that at different times will evoke Heart of Darkness, Greek tragedy, Moby Dick, Sinbad s voyages, King Solomon s Mines, narratives of Proust and Nabokov, the rogue casts of Pynchon and Dickens, Don Quixote,

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    I didn t want to wait until I finished all seven hundred pages of this thing before I stuck my big toe into the waters of literary criticism That s the ostensible reason that I m beginning this review at the half way mark The real reason is that I ca

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    Half of this book strikes me as brilliant, half as a testament to wasted talent The brilliant bits can mostly be found in the earlier collection Maqroll, which comprises the first three of the seven novellas collected here The first of these, The Snow of

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    These stories are among my favorites ever, anywhere Maqroll the Gaviero the lookout leads a life of tireless wandering, always seeking fortune, always failing to find it due to unforeseeable obstacles and unfortunate occurrences, most of which nearly destroy h

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    All is a tale told, if not by an idiot, at least by a dreamer but it is far from signifying nothing so says G Santayana about nature everything And John Berger speaking w S Sontag, A story is always a rescuing operation This A Mutis Maqroll el Gaviero is a dreamer

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