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The Aquiliad On This Alternate Earth, Rome Rules All Including The New World, Known In Other Dimensions As America But Here As Terra Novo General Titus Papinianus Is Governor Of That Untamed Land, And Aquila, Chief Of The Savage Lacoti Nation, Is A Roman Senator But Official Titles Aside, Their Duty Is To Caesar So When Caesar Sends Them On A Quest For The Fabled Land Of China, Thought To Be Somewhere In Terra Novo, Off They Go They Are Hardly Prepared For Bloodthirsty Aztecs, Flying Machines, Time Traveling Aliens, Or Bigfoot And Aquila S Problem Solving Strategies Are Unconventional To Say The Least Before They Know It, Their Adventures Lead Them Into The Hands Of The Time Criminal, Who Is Bent On Altering All The Multiple Universes To Suit His Own Evil Whims Somehow They Have To Stop Him Before Their World Is Destroyed

About the Author: S.P. Somtow

Called by the Bangkok Post the Thai person known by name to most people in the world, S.P Somtow is an author, composer, filmmaker, and international media personality whose dazzling talents and acerbic wit have entertained and enlightened fans the world over He was Somtow Papinian Sucharitkul in Bangkok His grandfather s sister was a Queen of Siam, his father is a well known international lawyer and vice president of the International Academy of Human Rights Somtow was educated at Eton and Cambridge, and his first career was in music In the 1970s while he was still in college his works were being performed on four continents and he was named representative of Thailand to the Asian Composer s League and to the International Music Commission of UNESCO His avant garde compositions caused controversy and scandal in his native country, and a severe case of musical burnout in the late 1970s precipitated his entry into a second career that of author He began writing science fiction, but soon started to invade other fields of writing, with some 40 books out now, including the clasic horror novel Vampire Junction, which defined the rock and roll vampire concept for the 80s, the Riverrun Trilogy the finest new series of the 90 s Locus and the semi autobiographical memoir Jasmine Nights He has won or been nominated for dozens of major awards including the Bram Stoker Award, the John W Campbell Award, the Hugo Award, and the World Fantasy Award Somtow has also made some incursions into filmmaking, directing the cult classic The Laughing Dead and the award winning art film Ill Met by Moonlight.

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    A very early novel written before the author started writing mainly horror and used the pseudonym S P Somtow I remember meeting Somtow in the 80s when he told me his agent convinced hin to change the name so his novels would sell in the bible belt He shouldn t have changed his name but the move to horror was a wise thing This science f

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    I stumbled upon this at a used book store and couldn t leave it behind If you can see the details on the cover, there is a fat Roman in full armor eating some sort of sandwich turned out to be a bagel with lox and cream cheese , oblivious to the hungry tyrannosaurus rex behind him who is frightening some Roman soldiers and Native Americans If y

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    una piacevole scoperta La storia una delle molteplici varianti del tema ucronia innestata sulla fantascienza classica In soldoni cosa sarebbe avvenuto se un viaggiatore intergalattico burlone avesse edotto i Romani con chicche tecnologiche tali da renderli capaci di costruire macchine a vapore e navi capaci di solcare l oceano senza capirne in realt il

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    Sadly, this wasboring roman legion silliness than space alien bigfoot t rex silliness DNF but have put the trilogy I found at a second hand shop, out for others to find and possibly enjoy.

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    This book was pretty silly, but also pretty enjoyable

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    Note Looking at a couple of the other reviews, I gather that I may have missed the point of the book I read this book back in 07 and haven t reread since, so I can t say for sure Anyway, the following is the review I posted to my blog back in 07 I ve been putting off this review until I hadtime But then I realized something very important This piece of garbage, vomited forth from

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    Come possibile che all inizio del IX secolo ab urbe condita insomma, alla fine del primo secolo dopo Cristo un generale romano e suo figlio stiano andando a vedere qualche crocifissione su una biga a vapore Spiegarlo qui rovinerebbe la sorpresa, quindi vi lascio al libro scritto da un ancora pi improbabile autore tailandese Vi basti sapere che Roma ha sfruttato le invenzioni di Epaminonda

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    Cartea de fata cuprinde o serie de povestiri situate intr o lume alternativa in care Romanii stapanesc macar un sfert de lume Si se urmaresc aventurile unui general roman ce se insoteste cu un sef de trib indian si cutreiera continentele in cautarea gloriei lui Cezar.Eu am avut doar o povestire si nu tot volumul, text in care se intalnesc cei doi eroi pentru prima oara, trebuind sa i salveze lui C

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    Vale, old chapMildly funny, very British.Folle storia di un impero romano intorno al 100 d.c in cui sono gia state inventate le macchine a vapore ed i Romani hanno scoperto il continente americano e sottomesso alcune tribu pellerossa Quando poi intervengono i dischi volanti e Bigfoot Per un italiano e un po strano leggere di antichi romani che si esprimono in un inglese oxfordiano Sucharitkul, benche taila

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    As a farce it was pretty good Lampooning the romans as delusional, self righteous war mongers Though, the academics were the portion of the farce I most enjoyed endlessly debating over nonsense and trying desperately to fit what they see into their limited view of the world As a sci fi book I found it severely frustrating It was one deus ex machina after another with no real direction or specific futuristic notion.

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