The Art of Language Invention: From Horse-Lords to Dark

An insider s tour through the construction of invented languages from the bestselling author and creator of languages for the HBO series Game of Thrones and the Syfy series DefianceFrom master language creator David J Peterson comes a creative guide to language construction for sci fi and fantasy fans, writers, game creators, and language lovers Peterson offers a captivating overview of language creation, covering its history from Tolkien s creations and Klingon to today s thriving global community of conlangers He provides the essential tools necessary for inventing and evolving new languages, using examples from a variety of languages including his own creations, punctuated with references to everything from Star Wars to Michael Jackson Along the way, behind the scenes stories lift the curtain on how he built languages like Dothraki for HBO s Game of Thrones and Shiv isith for Marvel s Thor The Dark World, and an included phrasebook will start fans speaking Peterson s constructed languages The Art of Language Invention is an inside look at a fascinating culture and an engaging entry into a flourishing art form and it might be the most fun you ll ever have with linguistics The Art of Language Invention: From Horse-Lords to Dark Elves, the Words Behind World-Building

About the Author: David J. Peterson

My name is David Peterson, and I m a language creator and writer I m the author of Living Language Dothraki, and the forthcoming The Art of Language Invention I ve been creating languages for television shows and movies since 2009 The productions I ve worked on and languages I ve created for them are HBO s Game of Thrones Dothraki, High Valyrian, Astapori Valyrian Syfy s Defiance Castithan, Irathient, Indojisnen Syfy s Dominion Lishepus the CW s Star Crossed Sondiv the CW s The 100 Trigedasleng Marvel s Thor The Dark World Shiv isith and Showtime s Penny Dreadful Verbis Diabolo.

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    If you are another language nerd, you will find The Art of Language Invention absolutely irresistible I couldn t put the book down and read it in a day and a half Peterson, an amiable fanatic who lives and breathes for language, has been fortunate enough to land himself the best job in the world, inventing new languages for movies and TV series Here, he gives you the details of how he does it and tells you what it s like to be the Tolk

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    This is just a toe dip That line is in the concluding chapter of David J Peterson s The Art of Language Invention and I couldn t agreeThe topic and practice of language creation feels EXHAUSTING after having read this And yet, once you ve read it, you re quite aware that you ve merely glimpsed the tip of the iceberg I wanted to learn how to create a new language, which I could incorporate into my fantasy world As I finish up book two and

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    A 5 star book for any fantasy fan also interested in linguistics but a 1.5 star book for any fan with a linguistics background.The Art of Language Invention is a non fiction book that explores the topic of conlanging, or how to construct your own language The author, David J Peterson, is the guy who developed Dothraki for the TV series Game of Thrones from a few odd phrases into a fully functional language of over 3000 words In this book, he

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    If you re looking for a quick and fun read about the experience of creating languages for and maybe behind the scenes scoops about Game of Thrones or Defiance, this is not it If you re looking for a long, complex, and fun read about the experience and practice of creating languages in general, this is definitely it.I admit, I was expecting the former, which was why I requested a digital galley from Penguin s First to Read program And it was, sh

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    Amount read about 15%I loved the first chapter Though created languages aren t something I m especially interested in and I haven t given them much thought, learning about them was nerdy, and I super appreciate David J Peterson s performance and love for his art.However, once I hit the actual first chapter, it became apparent to me that I m actually not nerdy enough to appreciate this book His goal really is to teach others how to create a languag

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    Though this is written by the linguist behind Game of Thrones Dothraki, this isn t a populist cash in type of book It goes into the history of conlangs constructed languages a little bit, and then delves deep into all the ins and outs of creating a convincing one from phonology to grammar to script It s fascinating, if sometimes a little hard to follow for someone who isn t interested in building their own invented language, and thus doesn t have som

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    I gotthen I bargained for with this book While I have learned how Mr Peterson wrote the Dothraki language for Game of Thrones I have also learned a lotabout how everyone can read and use the same word in many different contexts In addition, that there are so many ways to use your vocal range to produce a variety of different pronunciations and sounds Which if you are a singer or an actor, I am sure you already know how to do the vocal exercises Yes, I a

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    only reason I picked this book up was for r fantasy s Bingo Challenge to read a non fiction booked based on FantasyOn the cover it said it was written by the person who created the Dothraki language for the tv show Game of Thrones, based on GRRM s A Song of Ice and Fire series I adore ASOIAF so I picked it up I m a little disappointed it had very little to do with Dothraki or Valyrian probably a total of 30 pages for the whole book The rest of it WAS inter

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    A MUST FOR ALL LOVERS OF LANGUAGE AND LANGUAGE INVENTION It has been an incredible joy and treat to read this book David Peterson is a linguist and the creator of such languages as Dothraki and Valyrian for the HBO series Game of Thrones, adapted from George R.R Martin s A Song of Ice and Fire series He has also invented languages for Syfy s Defiance and Dominion as well as the language of Shivaisith for the movie Thor 2 The Dark World and most recently Star

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    I might have given this book four stars The first three chapters, Sounds, Words and Evolution, were interesting and contained some useful information I can use in developing my own conlangs The fourth chapter, The Written Word, was of minimal use to me and I skimmed through a lot of it.What I couldn t stand, however, was the writing Peterson continually interrupted himself to make what he clearly thought were amusing asides Since they weren t, it made reading te

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