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The Bad Decisions Playlist A stranger rolls into town, and everything changesespecially for Austin Methune, when the stranger turns out to be his father, presumed dead, and his father turns out to be Shane Tucker, a bigtime musician just the role Austin wants for himselfAustin has a long history of getting himself into trouble, with the assistance of weed, inertia, and indifference And he s in deep trouble now the deepest ever He s talented, though Maybe his famous father will help him turn his life around and realize his musical dreamBut maybe Austin has inherited than talent from Shane, who also does drugs, screws up, and drops outAustin is a tour guide to his own bad decisions and their consequences as he is dragged, kicking and screaming, toward adulthood

About the Author: Michael Rubens

Michael Rubens is the author of the novels The Sheriff of Yrnameer, Sons of the 613, The Bad Decisions Playlist, and Emily and the Spellstone June 2017 He is a correspondent and producer for Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, and has previously produced for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and Last Week Tonight with John Oliver His writing has also appeared in places like The New Yorker Daily Shouts, Salon, and McSweeney s He lives in Brooklyn, New York, to help alleviate that area s critical shortage of writers and producers.Michael is represented by John Silbersack at Trident Media Group.PS It s pronounced YUR nuh meer PPS I m sure the book Baking to Get Baked is a fine publication and all, but while I share the same name as one of the authors, he and I are not at least to my knowledge the same person Meaning, you can contact me for advice on how to make your weed brownies, but be aware that I don t even know how to make regular brownies so any counsel I provide should therefore be regarded with skepticism.

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    At sixteen, Austin in some ways is a pretty typical teenager He puts in his time at school, he has his pals, and he dabbles in some extracurriculars that could be construed as illegal He s also really into music In fact, he has scores and scores of half written songs The problem is that he just can t quite finish any of them.This is a metaphor of sorts for Austin He s half form

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    I am not one hundred percent sure I would have read this book if it hadn t have been for a review I d read that praised it Having finished it, I m a little sad to say I stand by that opinion, though my 2 stars isof a 2.75 really.I didn t like Austin at the beginning, I really didn t I thought he was foolish, another weed smoking idiot who didn t take anything seriously and in doing so

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    Austin s antics had me laughing and fuming Also crying a little bit.He doesn t get everything in the end, but he is a better person, and I believe the author made the right but tough decisions Because mostly Yeah, Austin s decisions were bad They cost Great book.

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    After the first 6 chapters, I was afraid this would be a DNF But then it got better Characters who appeared to be beyond redemption proved otherwise And for me, that was the main message of this book it s not too late to redeem yourself And try not to judge without knowing the back story Is everyone redeemable Wellread the book and decide for yourself

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    3.5 Stars.Austin Methune is the worst and he knows it Not even self deprecatingly He makes bad decision after bad decision and never seems to understand that there are consequences and for that I hated him and I thought I was going to hate the book but I didn t What I loved about the book was the writing is well done so kudos to Michael Rubens There are some really great zingers in the book and I LOL d a

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    I really liked this book.

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    Austin s life gets turned upside down when the father that he s always thought was dead is actually alive and is a well known musician Austin is also a musician and has also made some bad decisions, but they seem to be getting worse as he struggles with this new knowledge and dealing with his mom s serious boyfriend.Steer to high school due to language, smoking drugs alcohol, and situations Writing is a bit predictable

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    I liked Austin He was a bit of an idiot at times, but what teen boy isn t Underneath he has a good heart and is doing his best to come to grips with a dad he never knew he had turning up, a girlfriend and all the other worries a young man has The adults here are not reliable and often not good role models, but I like that they haven t just been written off as hopeless We, like Austin, can see their flaws, but also see that th

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    I won an ARC of this book via a giveaway, and I m really glad that I did, because I m pretty sure I wouldn t have found it on my own It was such a fun read funny and quirky and interesting and realistic without getting all dark and edgeville The tone and voice of the book are both so great it feels like you really get to know the main character I definitely recommend checking it out when it comes out this fall

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    Extremely cliche, but Austin, the main character, actually has to pay the price for his screwups and get his shit together in the end which is refreshing to see in an underdog story His antics were a bit frustrating at times why can t he just explain to his mother or friends what s going on Why does he have such a difficult time making common sense decisions A lot of fluff, but still an entertaining beach read.

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