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The Blind Side of Love A second draft of a not yet published romance novel The Blind Side of Love, about love between an artist Kristina Milanoand a famous actress Julianne Franqui Julianne Franqui is a hot actress and secretly gay On a trip to New York she sees the artwork of artist Kris Milano, whose talent is not the only thing she s attracted to Undercover of email, she begins a correspondence with the artist When she comes to New York for filming and finally meets her, will she tell Kris the truth all of it Themes Romance, lesbian Length approx , words

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    I don t think it gets much better than this in terms of lesbian romance I m in that bittersweet moment right after finishing a story that you absolutely adored Where the reality of your boring existence strikes you even harder than before, because well you ve just read an incredibly romantic story about happiness, and it s hard to realise it s

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    August 16, 2014 5 starsI read a second draft of The Blind Side of Love and liked it very very much I especially liked how the author slowly and very successfully developed a tender love story between the main characters I hope that the final version would be as good as this one.August 12, 2019 4 starsI still liked how the author slowly developed a

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    I downloaded the second draft from the author s website This story received high praises from trustworthy Lesfic reviewers and some of them were offering money to the author to get their hands on the final draft the actual book I m officially one of them 41 hadn t been easy to my bladder and my interest in anything involving Hollywood but this book was

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    Review based on second draft unpublished.I could describe this book as You ve Got Mail for queer women, but that would be about as fair as describing Nelson Mandela as a guy who did stuff once Technically accurate, but wholly inadequate This book is spectacular I feel like we often give certain genres bonus stars simply for being underrepresented by top tier

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    Where has this author been all my life And why did I wait so long to read this book And why has it not been published It is completely and utterly UNFATHOMABLE to me Truly, wtf This book is officially THE BEST LESFIC ROMANCE BOOK OF ALL TIME Yesyes it is This is not my opinion, it is a fact And if you do not agree, then you are wrong I m kidding, of course, but y

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    Impressive second draft of a beautiful love story Some editing still required and while I love the in depth peek into the lives of these characters I kept thinking the book needs some belt tightening Reduce a few extraneous scenes dialogue and increase the pace just a bit and K J will still be as memorable a couple as Dar and Kerry I m not generally a celebrity junkie

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    What an amazing story I m giving it a 6 out of 5.

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    Aug 2018 reviewI read both versions early on 08 10 This is probably at least the third time reading Vs.2, but it s been years since the last time Having a crappy memory is an advantage for once It s almost like reading it fresh almost, but not quite I loved it then, and I loved it this time around I hope she will get a version published one day There are so many subpar publishe

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    Thanks to one of my GR mates HIGHLY recommended read cheers, F F, I finally had the chance to do so Let s just say I devoured it I mean, in the beginning, it was just a normal read for me as I swiped each page like any other book, but something clicked I noticed just how smooth the language was flowing, the rhythm of the interactions was like a melody playing every movement as the s

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    I m sure it would beefficient to just upload an audio file of me squealing and occasionally crying happily for about six minutes, but sure, I can try to translate that into a proper review The thing that makes this book so extraordinary is that the premise itself sounds like nothing special, nothing we haven t seen before in a bunch of other stories Struggling New York artist falls in lo

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