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The Boy Who Didn't Want to Be Sad There once was a boy who didn t want to be sad He tries to eliminate sources of sadness toys they can get broken , pets they can t live forever , friends what if they don t call , even his family sometimes they get mad at him Ultimately, he realizes that all sources of sadness are also sources of happiness, and reclaims them all

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    A young boy does not want to feel sad so he pushes away everything that makes him sada tree, his parents, pets, blocks, etc Eventually he is alone, surrounded by blackness It doesn t take long before he realizes that the things that make him sad also make him happy.The text is written in verse, some words phrases are emphasized in bold to express

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    If this book was well written, I would give it an emphatic 5 stars The message is excellent and at a level children will have no problem understanding and applying It captures not only feeling of sadness and the fear of loss it touches on a bigger theme the fear of having feelings that are too strong the false belief that we both children adults ca

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    deals with depression well

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    Rating 3.5 Even though this book was an easy read, I thought that the storyline fell a little flat for me On the upside, I did appreciate both the illustrations and the message of the book.

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    A fabulous book and rare find A little boy doesn t want to be sad and so he wishes away everything in his life that could potentially make him sad, until there is nothing left and then realizes the big lesson the one we re probably all still learning that wrapped up in the things that can make us sad are the things that also make us happy and vice ver

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    wonderful book to help children deal with sadness the message is similar to the movie inside out but predates it it also isempowering because it s the boy taking action and learning and not something separate from himself.

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    Gelezen in het Engels E book 3.0 5

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    Excellent for my kids, 4 and 6 And for me And excellent perspective on emotions and our defenses.

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    The audience is limited for this but in the right situation, it s an excellent choice.

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    Probably a pretty niche audience, but that doesn t make it any less of a book It s a really good book for addressing emotions, and especially depression, and how we deal with these issues Might not read it in a storytime, but it would be a good one to have available at a storytime on feelings a supplemental storytime book.

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