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The Colon Health Handbook This is a comprehensive, detailed book on how our guts go bad, and what we can do to make them better The author has developed a few products intended to improve gut functioning both lower bowel and small intestine , which I ve tried, and believe me, they work The one thing that Robert Gray does not do is claim that his program will cure candida, nor does he attempt to force any kind of difficult to follow diet on those taking his products He recommends a cleaned up way of eating but says it is not absolutely necessary for his herbs to work He also warns that persons with certain conditions should not attempt his program This book appears to be totally honest Other books on this same topic don t mention any of these things They are apparently just out to sell their products and make a buck, not to mention having you tear your hair out trying to follow their highly restricted diets.This book is not laid out for dummies It is written for people who are serious about wanting know The reason I recommend this book is NOT so much for the herbal kalenite and Psyllium husk intestinal cleanse as for the knowledge of which foods are most mucous forming I did this cleanse once in my life when I was my late 30s and since then have eaten a mostly raw food vegetarian diet so i never needed it again but I do remember passing a lot of old stuff that had been coating my intestines for 2 3 weeks then it stopped and My stools look normal again The reason I recommend this book because it tells how simple vegetables like raw turnips which are extremely cheap and easy to grow and harvest from october til april and cabbage are such great cleaners and rebuilders of your GI Tract and eventually do the same thing as the Herbal cleanse.and above all because it explains how we have to eat foods that feed the healthy bacteria in our gut.Simple green cabbage si so superb for this It feeds teh beneficial bacteria, its dissolved teh layer of hardened mucus that lines most peoples colons and the fiber tones , scrubs and stimulates GI tactIt s amazing that since I started a diet of raw fruits , veggies , sprouted grains with cooked field peas I have been able to eat as much a sI want and maintain an ideal body weight with less than 10% body fat and can do all kinds of physical exertion without getting injured This is an extremely beneficial and inexpens KINDLE The Colon Health Handbook Author Robert Gray Sioril.co.uk In This Book Robert Gray Gives Straightforward Answers To All Of The Questions Surrounding The Subject Of Colon Health In His Easy To Understand Style, He Gives Explanations Of The Many Ways The Condition Of The Colon Is Interconnected With The Health Of The Entire Body He Identifies The Factors Leading To An Unhealthy Colon And Then Shows An Easy To Follow, Self Adnministered Herbal Technique For Gaining New Health Through Colon Rejuvenation.

About the Author: Robert Gray

Author on holistic health and creator of the Robert Gray Colon Cleansing method.

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