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The David Embrace In this fast paced erotic thriller, John Champion, a professional hitman and Angela Ford, the wife of the man who orders the hit, engage in a passionate, overpowering and memorable love affair Played out against the exotic locales of Florence, the Riviera, the French Alps and Manhattan, the two lovers endure impossible odds as their relationship deepens and matures Figuring importantly in the story is Michelangelo s David, a majestic artistic masterpiece that stands in all its naked glory in the Galleria dell Academia in Florence and the epiphany experienced by Angela in its presence In viewing this magnificent masterpiece Angela discovers the core of her female identity, one of the few illustrations of this phenomenon ever found in a novel which deals with the deeper implications of sexuality and how it can shed light on the eternal mystery of love and attraction between men and women

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    Quality entertainment from a trustworthy author, June 28, 2011 In the end it is not the author that makes a novel work It is the reader So if you read a review, make sure you know what kind of reader wrote it As for me I alternate between serious novels and pure entertainment I read authors like J.M Coetzee and Ian McEwan and J.G Ballard because they

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    Adler always tells a good story and this is no exception I think he was going for a bit of shock value here, beginning with the cover okay, it s art but and then embellishing on the David incident But as another reviewer put it, Adler can explore erotica without being smutty I am probably not the best person to write a review, since this would not be

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