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Bookin the Raven Hill Mysteries series involving detective work in the style of Secret Seven or Famous Five each book features a different character Richelle is delighted when the Teen Power gang is hired to be extras in a TV commercial for a new candy bar called The Lot Is this her big break Her chance to get into modelling or the movies At last they ve found a job that s interesting, and trouble free But her plans for this glamorous new job don t include getting mixed up with spoilt teenage millionaire TV star, Cassandra Cass The Disappearing TV Star

About the Author: Emily Rodda

Emily Rodda real name Jennifer Rowe was born in Sydney, Australia and graduated from the University of Sydney in 1973 with an MA Hons in English Literature Moving into a publishing career, first as a book editor, and finally as a publisher at Angus Robertson, Rodda s first book was published in 1984.

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    3.5 starsI didn t enjoy this installment quite as much as I did the previous two in the series, I think that s partially due to the fact that I don t enjoy Richelle as a narrator as much as I do some of the others.I als

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    Even though I ve been looking for years, I ve never managed to track down all 30 of the Teen Power Inc series I really hope at some point these are released in ebook format Or reprinted as paperbacks I m not really fussed

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    This isn t a review, this is me reconciling with the fact that I actually like Nick Kontellis after this book Don t expect coherent thoughts Didn t think I was going to be able to rate this five stars which would have been a

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    3.5 starsAudiobookI prefer Liz as a narrator to Rochelle.

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    In this story you will see another side of Richelle.

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    Oh Richelle How can someone so dumb be so smart Not even an attempted murder in this one, although it covers social issues and kidnapping.

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    A very good read It has good pace, though I must admit I didn t like the narrator of the story, though I didn t much like Richelle s character in the other books in the series either.

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    The Disappearing TV Star is told by Rochelle Brinkley Rochelle is obsessed with clothes and her looks, and she is definitely a bit shallow and spoilt, and bitchy at times She dreams of being discovered and when Teen Power Inc get a job as e

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    I liked this book when I was a childthen other ones in the series It tells the truth about making films well, in simplified form, but the book is for teenagers and it is told by Richelle who was interesting for me because of her ambitious drea

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    This book was probably my favourite out of the books I ve read It was really interesting and left the other 2 left me wondering until the end what on earth was going on then suddenly the answer is there right in front of me I would definitely rec

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