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The Endearment PDF The Endearment Author LaVyrle Spencer Bassgrotto.co.uk From The Streets Of 19th Century Boston To The Harsh Frontier She Wove A Web Of Deception To Ensnare Her Man Lovely, Fiery Tempered Anna Reardon Was Forced To Lie To Get Out Of The Street Urchin S Life That Shamed Her To Become Karl Lindstrom S Mail Order Bride In The Beautiful, Treacherous Minnesota Wilderness.Karl Forgave Anna For Her Deceptions But There Was Still One Shameful, Burning Secret That She Had To Hide From Him, Knowing Its Revelation Would Destroy The Love That Had Become Her Very Life

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    If I was to list the Grande Old Dames of Historical Romance, I d definitely have LaVyrle Spencer on my list It s a shame that she has retired from writing, but at least she leaves a legacy behind in her excellent books she has written.The Endearment is one of

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    3 to 3 1 2 stars At first this book didn t work for me but as I continued to ponder the story, I found it actually did I spent much of this book with feelings of frustration and even anger at both the hero and heroine due to their choices and behaviors I also felt there

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    One of those books where you start out disliking one mc while the other seems like a gullible fool And then before long your opinions and loyalties get reversed I disliked the dishonesty and lies employed by the h a mail order bride to get the H to send for her even as I understo

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    Spoilers I was hesitant to read this one, based on some of the reviews I read but I am glad I did This is my first read by this author, and I must say it was good.The book starts out with me hating the heroine Anna She is a mail order bride, who has lied about almost everything about herse

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    Weak 3 stars Downer Too sad I cried too much I prefer uplifting stories.The best part was seeing what life was like in rural Minnesota in 1854 living alone in the wilderness with Indians for neighbors Karl immigrated from Sweden He talked of foods growing in the wild He talked about different types

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    4.5 starsSecond book to read by the author Enjoyed this one .To me, this is a book not only about forgiveness but also about commitment to marriage Two people who had not met and in many ways were wrong for each other arranged a marriage sight unseen Regardless of another mate suit...

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    4.5 stars.I m convinced that LaVyrle Spencer can t write a book that I don t like I, Karl, take thee, Anna My little whiskey haired Anna for my lawful wedded wife How I have waited for you to have and to hold Not yet have I even held you, Anna from this day forward Forward to this night, and tomorrow and tomorrow F

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    Es una novela preciosa, LaVyrle Spencer se ha convertido en una de mis autoras favoritas su estilo es maravilloso, tan honesto y sentimental Karl es uno de esos personajes masculinos que dejan huella, me ha encantado conocer su historia y la de Anna, y James, que me pareci tambi n ad...

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    This book would have garnered a higher rating from me had I been able to like the heroine, Anna, even a little bit I couldn t And that upset me because, honestly, I got where she was coming from with her desperation, but I just couldn t bring myself to like anything about her And Karl deserved so much than she was able to giveeven

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    LaVyrleLaVyrleLaVyrle LaVyrle always IMO manages to write a romance that pulls you in and pulls at your heart strings This is my second LaVyrle Spencer book and it will definitely NOT be my last I needed a good book and she delivered She is quickly becoming a fav of mine, along with Judith McNaught for HR books.Anyway, gushing aside Karl is a lonel

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