The Erotic Bundle 3 MOBI â The Erotic Epub /

The Erotic Bundle 3 This bundle holdstitles and they are as follows My Other Mother the Full Story Beautiful Surprise The Exchange Student The Bus Ride The Hero Just another Day Rosebud The Sex Machine The Sex Virus The Angel Kim s Gift Foster Investigations The Succubus Three Wishes The Gang Bang Expose A Voyeur s Dream Train Encounter Three is Not a Crowd The Mailman s Tale The Little Shop of Wonders Hypno Room Thirteen Ariel s Last Mission The Portal My Little Girl s Best FriendMy Little Girl s Best FriendMy Little Girl s Best FriendMy Little Girl s Best FriendMy Little Girl s Best FriendDo You Trust Me Orgasmic Car Ride The Erotic Writer All tales are graphic in nature and are meant for adults only All characters depicted are eighteen or older Enjoy

About the Author: Carl East

I was born In Hull, Yorkshire, England in 1956 I started to write at the age of 44 in the year 2000 and I wasn t very good I slowly learned over the years that followed, mainly from people online who gave up their time to help me I chose to write imaginative things and sometimes allowed my own imagination to get away from me I started with erotic tales before going ontoserious stuff, although having said that my erotic stories have been popular.

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