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The Fifth Science (English Edition) The Galactic Human Empire was built atop four sciences logic, physics, psychology, and sociology Standing on those pillars, humans spent , years spreading out into the galaxy warring, exploring, partying the usual Then there was the fifth science And that killed the empire stone dead The Fifth Science is a collection ofstories, beginning at the start of the Galactic Human Empire and following right through to its final days Well see some untypical things along the way, meet some untypical folk galactic lighthouses from the distant future, alien tombs from the distant past, murderers, emperors, archaeologists and drunks mad mathematicians attempting to wake the universe itself upAnd when humans have fallen back into savagery, when the secrets of space folding and perfect wisdom are forgotten, well attend the empires deathbed, hold its hand as it goes Unfortunately that may well only be the beginning

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