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The Football Men: Up Close with the Giants of the Modern Game The Great Footballers And Coaches Are Rarely Glimpsed From Up Close They Shield Themselves From The Tabloids, Hide Their Personalities Behind Professionalism, And In The Words Of The Clich , Do Their Talking On The Pitch This Book Gets Up Close To Them The Football Men Is Not A Series Of Celebrity Profiles, And It Doesn T Attempt To Unearth Secrets In The Players Private Lives Rather, It Portrays These Men As Three Dimensional Human Beings It Describes Their Upbringings, The Football Cultures They Grew Up In, The Way They Play, And The Baggage That They Bring To Their Relationships At Work This Multimillion Pound, Multinational World Is Mostly Inhabited By Ordinary Men The Profiles In This Book Are Sometimes Funny, But Never Breathless Or Sensational Some Of The Profiles In This Book Are Based On Interviews Others Are The Results Of Time The Author Spent With That Person Sometimes The Profile Is A Story Of A Country All Are Fascinating And Shed Light On Their Subject To Reveal Things You Wouldn T Expect From One Of The Great Sports Writers Of Our Time This Is A Penetrating And Surprising Collection Of Articles On The Figures That Have Defined The Modern Sporting World

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    Profiles and interviews with players and coaches, from 1997 2010 Refreshing angles and few cliches Because Kuper has Dutch roots, there isthan average attention to Dutch football Which is probably why it appealed to me and made me give this book 4 i stead of 3 stars.

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    Very funny, a lot of great little knowledge nuggets, written by someone with a huge amount of knowledge and a very sharp intellect Kuper can t seem to resist digs against Germany and England, but that s a minor quibble Will definitely try and readof his books.

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    Interviews with the great and the good from a man who has followed a few.

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    Like any compilation of journalism, The Football Men is something of a collage a collection through which it s often tough to discern any overall threads The nature of journalism rarely lends itself to such things, unless they re planned from the start David Lodge s The Art Of Fiction for example This book essentially acts as

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    Kitap yazar n e itli zamanlarda pek ok gazete ve dergide yay mlanan makalelerinden bir derleme Okudu unuzda d nyada ne kadar kaliteli futbol yazarl yap ld n g r p imreniyorsunuz.

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    For anyone interested in soccer, biography or a combination of both An assorted collection of portraits Quite Amusing.

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    Started really well and some chapter were good but awful overall Bit like any English campaign.

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    about soccer playing but

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