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The Future Lasts Forever: A Memoir On November Louis Althusser, while massaging his wife s neck, discovered that he had strangled her The world renowned French philosopher was immediately confined to an insane asylum where he authored this memoir a profound yet subtle exercise in documenting madness from the inside

About the Author: Louis Althusser

Louis Pierre Althusser 1918 1990 was one of the most influential Marxist philosophers of the 20th Century As they seemed to offer a renewal of Marxist thought as well as to render Marxism philosophically respectable, the claims he advanced in the 1960s about Marxist philosophy were discussed and debated worldwide Due to apparent reversals in his theoretical positions, to the ill fated facts of his life, and to the historical fortunes of Marxism in the late twentieth century, this intense interest in Althusser s reading of Marx did not survive the 1970s Despite the comparative indifference shown to his work as a whole after these events, the theory of ideology Althusser developed within it has been broadly deployed in the social sciences and humanities and has provided a foundation for much post Marxist philosophy In addition, aspects of Althusser s project have served as inspiration for Analytic Marxism as well as for Critical Realism Though this influence is not always explicit, Althusser s work and that of his students continues to inform the research programs of literary studies, political philosophy, history, economics, and sociology In addition, his autobiography has been subject to much critical attention over the last decade At present, Althusser s philosophy as a whole is undergoing a critical reevaluation by scholars who have benefited from the anthologization of hard to find and previously unpublished texts and who have begun to engage with the great mass of writings that remain in his archives.

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    In 1980 the philosopher strangled his wife After a lifetime of mental illness, he was found unfit to plead and sent onceto an asylum This autobiography gives his side of things I am 200 or so pages in, and promise you it s a fascinating read By this stage of his book he is discussing his philosophy Many of the deta

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    Honesty is the best policy, it is said, but when you style yourself an intellectual who writes in earnest, and you are not only a fraud, but also have serious mental health problems, there is an argument for keeping silent This autobiography, which reminds one of Rousseau s Confessions albeit without the charm , is perhap

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    Christopher Hitchens once described Louis Althusser as an utter fraud and even mocked his incarceration in his biography Hitch 22 Hitchens criticises the John Hopkins guide to literary criticism for not mentioning Althusser s refutation and self criticism, despite still citing his work as influential His work still plays a key r

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    The class on Althusser was being offered my first semester of graduate school I did not know who he was and I could not parse the course description The course turned out to be quite controversial I guess cause LA was also controversial.So twenty years later, after reading Marx and LA s students Foucault and Ranciere I did not realize

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    I would like to think I ve heard of this guy before, but it rings no bells.This is a great memoir Even if you skip around, it is a good read.Althusser is a French philosopher who wrote about Marx yawn, now I know why I never heard of him He was ready to go to college right when the war began, and ended up spending five years as a p.o.w., then

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    This book although quite good really lasts forever

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    This volume actually contains two autobiographical writings by Althusser written several years apart, between which the philosopher strangled his wife to death in a bout of madness The two pieces, which predictably recount many of the same events from the author s life, are haunting to read next to each other They seem to confirm Woody Allen s pronouncemen

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    Althusser became one of the most respected and interesting philosophers of Marxism in France during the 1950 s and 60 s, which is no small accomplishment considering the fact that practically every intellectual was writing about Marx at the same time In all honesty, I find his work to be of rather mixed value I have found his structuralist interpretations of Capi

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    So, despite its dramas, life can still be beautiful I am sixty seven, and though it will soon all be over, I feel younger now than I have ever done, never having had any youth since no one love me for myself Yes, the future lasts a long time How is it possible to evoke emotions of awe and disgust at the same time Written four years after the murder of his wife, Althusse

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    Even knowing that this book was about Althusser s madness, I found it hard to anticipate just how batshit crazy it would be Althusser says, for instance, that the happiest time of his life were the five years he spent interred in a German prisoner of war camp during World War II He also spent time in mental hospitals one was extremely noisy, so he mashed bread up into tiny, ha

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