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The Goblin Bride In her debut novel, Emma Hamm brings us to a new world The mining town of Silnarra is not an easy place to survive in Convicts and the poor work alongside each other to gather gemstones sold to the rich and famous Their lives are put on the line every day as they descend into tunnels that were built long before humans found them Rumors of monsters lurking in the depths keep the miners wary of shadows Disappearances frequently occur in the darknessJane Penderghast has two younger siblings relying on her She has to resort to desperate measures to keep them all alive Women are not allowed to work in the mines but it is the only way to earn money in this cursed place She will do anything to save her family, even lie and work in the belly of the earthIn a moment of fear and confusion, she realizes that the rumors of goblins are true These strange creatures that live far below her town bring her into their world What she finds there is both astounding and heartbreaking A goblin warrior, a dying race, and a chance at a life she never expectedTo become a Goblin Bride is no easy thing

About the Author: Emma Hamm

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    I feel lucky in this new era of variety in male heroes and races in romance erotica The challenge of breaking the barriers and making truly fantastic interracial romances.We have Beauty and the beast to thank for that And the greeks, celts and other pagan cultures.Yet, there was a time in between, where these romances were few, tragic and horrific Take the Little Mermaid and Dracula , tragedy and horror The concept of other

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    Review can be found on Milky Way of Books Jane lives in a world where mining can offer you a chance to go and live in the City, but it comes with costs and danger Desperate to feed and raise her two siblings, she will disguise as a man and go to work in the mines An accident will lead her to the discovery of another race, the Goblins.Beautiful and terrifying at the same time, the Goblins take her as a prisoner and a warrior, Ruric

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    When I read the description of this book, it was totally my crack and I had to get it Loved the cover.Things I liked I loved the characters Jane and Ruric Jane s determination to survive is a solid trait that endeared her to me This determination drove her to action This willingness to go to action every time gave her a strength I admired The main plotline of their relationship was solid and an enjoyable read Ruric s determination to win

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    Needs editingThe plot was interesting but I almost quit in the beginning The sentences were oddly put together and I had to reread many The cave life was simple but grabbed my imagination I want to see the relationship grow between the MCs and learnabout the world I felt that there were holes in the world building Where did they get furs Where is the mom of the goblin teen The goblins used words and descriptions that were Above even though they

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    A quick read I wanted to read this book as soon I read the title and the blurb It seemed so interesting and something new and wild to read on Humans and GoblinsBoth leaving, breathing and having their own space and civilized yet bloodthirsty of each other Not one species knew the other to be anything other than an animal But when it comes to save their kind from extinction, the goblins left with no other choice how to save their race in the future wi

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here A Story of Brainwashing Dehumanization that Ends on a Cliffhanger SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT I finished this book It reminded me of the Hades and Persephone myth, which I usually like, but there was too much to turn me off The heroine disguised herself as a man to go work in a mine to support her two younger siblings, a 17 year old boy and a 9 year old girl The heroine was 26,an

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    Writing was a bit rough at the start, but story captured and held my attention Cliffhanger at the end which was a bit disappointing, but I m happy there may bebooks Slavery is part of the story which put me off a bit, but there wasn t any cruelty or degradation to the imprisonment.

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    This book probably falls under a guilty pleasure read But I enjoyed it If the romance worries you I d give this a pg 13 rating Interesting new world Strong, independent lady lead Not sure how I feel about the ending, but will probably check out the sequel.

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    The Goblin Bride was a wonderfully told story with endearing characters in a world that truly felt magical I discovered this author through other fantasy romance readers and writers, and am so happy I picked up this book I don t give a book a 5 star rating unless I would go back and read it again This story is both lovely and heart wrenching.Jane is a relatable, believable heroine who cares deeply for her family With her parents gone, she takes responsibility for her two younge

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    This book was good It s very interesting to read an author s first published book I liked how the relationship developed however the ending was a bit of a shock because it invalidated undid most of the development of Jane s relationship with the goblins all the trust between her and Ruric was also afected although I understand why he made the decision he did compared to the alternatives I loved how important females were for the goblins is something I hadn t read of before in a book I

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