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The Guy Not Taken: Stories From the bestselling author of Good in Bed comes a new collection of stories

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    Normally I m a big fan of short stories and normally I m a fan of Jane Green But these stories were just so unsatisfying, with goo short stories there s a quick punchy point made and a satisfying resolution to a conflict All these stories with the exception of the first story were just quick

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    I usually love Jennifer Weiner books but this wasn t my favorite It s a collection of short stories which almost all revolve around a young woman and her journey Some of hte stories were good I really like The Guy not Taken and Oranges from Florida and the one where the girls kidnap the senior cit

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    This is a book of short stories by Jennifer Weiner I found it depressing and struggled to finish it Stories involve your husband doesn t love you any Your boyfriend leaves you after getting what he wants from you Your child that you desperately yearned for and did IVF for is a total brat that makes your

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    Although I flew through the book very easy reading , the short storylines all seemed to have the same gist I really did enjoy listening to Good in Bed by Jennifer Weiner, but the style of these short stories is extremely reminiscent of that book and each other The relationships of the main characters did not

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    Before I get into this review too much, I have to say that I do not enjoy short stories Personally, I like to see how characters develop grow, and with short stories you don t get to see that.That being said, this book was okay I liked a few of the stories, and some of them I really didn t care for These weren t al

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    D is for disappointing I regret spending what amounts to 7 cents on this at a library bag book sale and I regret reading this Short stories and I have a fickle relationship, so take this rant with a grain of salt but a huge problem is that these stories end so abruptly and have no closure Just Desserts the wheels fall of

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    Although the book cover clearly states stories I was a bit disappointed when the first story abruptly ended and never returned to those characters Josie is the eldest of 3 children which includes her sister Nicki clearly a narcissist and her brother Jon In the beginning of the story, the mother is attempting to deal with the d

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    I know that Weiner is a good writer and storyteller, but I just never got around to picking up another of her books or seeing that movie with Cameron Diaz until this weekend, when I gobbled up The Guy Not Taken, a collection of short stories by Weiner.They re good, and they deal heavily with two main themes divorce and the difficult

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    I ve just read the first chapter so far, and if the rest of the short stories are as meaningless and boring as it this one is, I m in big trouble for a zzzzz book.A few days later I m done the book and I really really disliked it, actually really hated it The first few chapters lead into the other with the same characters which takes plac

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    Well the story I m about to tell you is embarrassing, but it happens to me Often Like, embarrassingly often Every now and then, Jennifer Weiner will write something or do something or say something in an interview that just makes me say I should readof her And then I do, and hate it So much of this story is too predictable, with each passing st

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