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The Ice Storm Nixon and Nam, pet rocks and shag rugs, wife swapping and party hopping Suburban New England and the Hood family is about to wish it had stayed at homeAcutely acerbic, painfully funny, The Ice Storm is an astonishing novel of the decade that taste forgot

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    Reading Road Trip 2020Current location ConnecticutNo one believes in the weather any.As I entered the state of Connecticut, the weather report was bad The entire region was about to experience a thirty year storm, a deadly combination of sleet then snow then freezing temperatures that would top off the road

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    It tries hard to be clever but the language carries a heavy pompous aroma Instead of it being cold, sad and brilliant, it is too insider y, too ordinary a tale and almost overly faulty It was written why That countless times the author tries to tie in the family drama with the strangeness of the times 1973 , fail

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    The American literati bristled last year when one of the Nobel Prize bigwigs said the country s writers were too entangled with their own mass culture to get close to a new Nobel in Literature I don t think that s entirely true, but after reading The Ice Storm I have to say I suspect the Swedish bigwig was reading Rick

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    Fucking family Feeble and forlorn and floundering and foolish and frustrating and functional and sad, sad Fucking family Fiend or foe.Likely Ang Lee s film remains superior The struggle is apparent here One trying to rationalize one s upbringing is always a fool s errand Moody appears to halt before the warmth He s perhaps t

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    An exuberant and dark novel that makes you both laugh and hold your stomach at the detailed and nauseating portrayals of the shame of youth and family No one is safe in this book, and no one is good Everything is tinged with either a rot that is unredeemable or a rot that is still in its seedling state The children will be as rott

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    On the outset, Rick Moody s The Ice Storm appears to be a Generation X era relic about what it was like to grow up in the 1970 s Any serious reader has probably read at least one of these type of stories before stories chock full of ironic kitsch and facile observations on how screwed up the Me generation were At the beginning of the no

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    Let s play Literary Key Party Here s how it goes everyone plays an author, and then you pick another author s keys and you have to write your story in their style For example, if I m John Fowles and I end up with Jane Austen s keys, I might sayIt is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be i

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    3.5 stars The Ice Storm was, oftentimes, an incredibly difficult read Not in terms of structure or writing style Moody s writing was often sharp intake of breath beautiful The sheer, white drapes in the guest room were limp as the bangs of a sad schoolgirl 5 or Once his dreams had been songs He d been a balladeer of promise and opportunity 6 but in

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    Video review Ice Storm is a tirade on how terrible your life can be when you are WASP and rich and priviledged It s well written and flows like a wonder, but it is one of those books in which nothing really happens even when people die and everyone is a complete asshole, and if you are looking for one of those, by all means read Franzen s 21st century no

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    I saw the Ang Lee adaptation of this book a few years back and so was curious about Moody s novel While the movie was stylized and Twin Peak ish, it was a tad boring The novel, on the other hand, was a page turner.Set during a single 24 hour period in New Canaan Connecticut, 1973, Moody gives us an accurate lay of the land with all the products, projects, and

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