The Inner Secret, or, That Something Within: A Story of

The Inner Secret, or, That Something Within: A Story of Awakening, Enlightenment and Initiation (Timeless Wisdom Collection Book 173) This novel or real story, you be the judge , has been in circulation for overyears, and has developed quite a following, because of it insights and intensity the secrets and wisdom it contains and the mystery that has forever surrounded it It is the story of a man in a journey of self discovery, of trying to make sense of the world and its mysteries, of trying to unveil that something which is the key to success in every aspect of life only to realize that the power is within that the secret is inside each and every one This profound and illuminating book was written under the pseudonymous X Since the copyrights belong to Edward E Beals , it has long been attributed to him However, in a previous book, we stated that, after an investigation on Beals, we found nothing on him except in relation to his work with William Walker Atkinson and the Personal Power Series We concluded before, and sustain again, that Edward E Beals is William Walker Atkinson, using an alias Therefore, now we are ready to advance the theory that this book was written by Atkinson This thesis is new But after editing overof Atkinson books, we cannot help but noticing the similitude in the styles, the use of certain key words and phrases, and the citing of the same authors Knowing Atkinson and his love for aliases he wrote overbooks, under a dozen different names it actually makes a lot of sense He did write other books as Anonymous as Magus Incognitus or as The Three Initiates , so, the name X would not be strange It is worth noticing that the book was published by Atkinson s publisher Also, if you analyze the story of the main character, it has so many similitudes and coincidences with the real life of Atkinson a successful young man who lost everything, had a breakdown, then, all of the sudden, found the path and became an illuminated or the fact that the writer wrote at almostyears of age , Atkinson wasin, that we can arrive to this conclusion with no hesitation This is an amazing book It is written as a novel or story , but it has deep insights, almost a compendium of several of Atkinson s previous works, and definitively, one of his masterpieces A book for enjoyment, learning, enlightenment and, if you pay close attention and open your eyes and your mind, for initiation

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    It is often said that life is not about the destination, but truly the journey Well, The Inner Secret That Something Within by X, beautifully outlines Mr X s journey return to his Real Higher Self I AM Consciousness In his reconnection with his I AM consciousness he realizes that his personality, ID entity, and his intellect are not his Real Higher Self However, they are just tools for the Real Self to utilize direct The book a

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