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The Kebra Nagast Account of the emperors of Ethiopia and especially Menelek, son of The Queen of Sheba by Solomon Also describes the arrival of the Ark of the Covenant Complete with introduction and notes

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    The majority of this book is pretty great, and I was sure I d give it a perfect rating until I reached the last 11 or 12 chapters At that point, the structure switched completely from narratives and interesting comparisons between Jewish and Christian concepts to simply listing prophecies allegedly made about Jesus in the Old Testament They were not in the most concise order, and some of the quotes were altered or taken out

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    When I saw an old manuscript copy of the Kebra Nagast in a church in Addis Abeba, I knew I wanted to find out what was said on those fragile, yellowing pages I can t read the ancient Ge ez script, but this 1922 translation by Sir Wallis Budge appears to be well done Kebra Nagast means Glory of Kings, and is the story of the Kings of Ethiopia The first chapters relate a large part of the Old Testament, albeit in a very condensed form

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    Beautiful Ethiopian version of the Bible Praise to H.I.M

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    Bezolds bersetzung liest sich sehr gut trotz ihres Alters Au erdem fand ich das doch sehr moderne Wissenschaftsverst dnis des Editors sehr angenehm keinerlei Kommentare ber eine angebliche Minderwertigkeit der Verfasser, Schreiber o, das ist nicht selbstverst ndlich Ich empfehle, die bersetzung oder eben den Originaltext vor Bezold Einleitung zu lesen, dann versteht man letztere besser Da es sich um ein religi ses Werk handelt, m chte ich den Inhal

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    Note I am reviewing the edition not the book, the book I would give a 3 5 I bought this book intending to read a work of huge importance with regard to the Monophysite faith s historical development This edition said, a modern translation, when in fact a comparison with Budge s classic translation shows that this was the same translation but sections had been taken out form it Additionally, having read the introduction, I was very confused The introduction

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    A fascinating read A curious mixture of the old and new testament with a long addition about how the Ethiopians stole the Ark of the Covenant, apparently with Yahweh s blessing.It sa book of rather garbled history that is in part made up the king of Rome was a Jew than a book of wisdom And as far as wisdom goes, it comes across rather misogynistic women can not rule , anti Semitic 117 they were to determine that the Jews were no longer to live , xenophobe do not m

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    After my unfortunate experience with the awful edition published by Red Sea press, I bought this edition This edition is published by a publishing company specialising in ecclesiastical history.The edition had few notes and is the Budge translation, but at least they didn t lie to me about the contents and the translation.

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    A deep and inconspicuous detail of the fall of the tribes of Judah and the manner with which the holy law was made perverse by the Roman empire and the spiritual reasons for the west oppressing the African Zion

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    Helped me connect with my roots

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    Pretty redundant, but gets the point across.

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