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The Long Journey to Jake Palmer What if there was a place where everything wrong in your life could be fixed Corporate trainer Jake Palmer coaches people to see deeper into themselves yet he barely knows himself any Recently divorced and weary of the business life, Jake reluctantly agrees to a lake house vacation with friends, hoping to escape for ten daysWhen he arrives, Jake hears the legend of Willow Lake about a lost corridor that leads to a place where one s deepest longings will be fulfilledJake scoffs at the idea, but can t shake a sliver of hope that the corridor is real And when he meets a man who mutters cryptic speculations about the corridor, Jake is determined to find the path, find himself, and fix his crumbling lifeBut the journey will become treacherous with each step Jake takes

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    James L Rubart s novels are typically a blend of fringe suspense, inner conflict drama, parable, and magical realism all under the umbrella of Christian fiction They are unique and quite good The Journey to Jake Palmer is no exception Equal parts entertaining, enlightening, and evangelical thought provoking The story opens with an immediate intensity An opportunity

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    This is my second James L Rubart novel As with the other novel The Five Times I Met Myself , the message is phenomenal I was very quickly pulled into this novel, very quickly Somewhere along the way, the super natural got a bit too much for my reading enjoyment I admit to not reading fantasy so other readers may very well thoroughly enjoy the super natural aspect to

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    Just read it That is all.

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    Jake Palmer is a life coach and corporate trainer who was involved in an horrific attack which left extensive burns to the lower half of his body His wife has left him and his rehabilitation was long and arduous Jake used to believe all the success principles he d taught so many others, but since his traumatic injury, he found it all a bit cliched and struggled to go

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    Jake Palmer is a management trainer who helps people discover the labels they re hiding behind and the lies they ve allowed themselves to believe He involves himself in a situation late one night which has dire consequences for Jake s life He s impacted physically, emotionally and relationally and retreats into a shell.Eighteen months later he returns to work In one of

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    Jake Palmer is a management trainer who makes a living encouraging others to read what s on their label rather than believing lies about themselves But following a horrific incident, he finds himself on a journey to read his own label to believe the truth about himself instead of the lies he s been fed by the people he loved most, to the point he s forgotten who he was.

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    This was definitely an interesting read A motivational speaker who had spoken at hundreds of conventions, companies and events had his life totally changed all in one night All because he tried to be a hero and help a woman who was being harassed by her pimp It was really sad what happened to him that night, but he let the scars overcome what he was He had been a hiker,

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    The Long Journey to Jake Palmer is indeed a journey to behold Readers will be enticed from the first page to the last I found myself lost within James L Rubart s words The character s journey is a realistic one that we all can relate to at one point in time We have all felt like we have failed or lost something that we couldn t imagine going on withoutyet life forces us t

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    A brutal attack and a devastating divorce have left Jake struggling with his identity When he hears the legend of a hidden place at Willow Lake where his life can be restored or destroyed , he can t resist finding out if the legend is true in The Long Journey to Jake Palmer by author James L Rubart.Having read The Five Times I Met Myself by this author, I was expecting a s

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    Poignant, funny, creative, redemptive, and brimming with hope and life another excellent release from James Rubart Check it out this August

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