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The Long Shot In this haunting, extraordinary novel, award winning novelist Paul Monette vividly captures an unconventional cast of characters whose tangled lives play out against the backdrop of a Hollywood that is at once luminous and melancholy a Hollywood where making it to the top can be far harrowing than never making it at allIt was just a surreal one night stand with a virtual stranger, a gypsy eyed drifter with an inexplicably infectious passion for Thoreau Yet for would be screenwriter Greg Cannon, the fleeting encounter bears the promise of something even elusive in this jaded town than coveted stardomThen, Harry Dawes is found with his wrists slashed, naked in a hot tub with the body of Hollywood s hottest and also closeted actor And Greg, who has lost a hundred men in his time, but only this one to violence, finds himself robbed of the chance to fall in love Reeling from the loss of a man he barely knew, he sets out to uncover the truth about the apparent double suicide Ultimately, his attempt to unravel the enigmatic public and private lives of the tragic victims and those they left behind, leads him on a complex journey as remarkable and revealing as the final destination

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    I don t think I m able to be objective in rating of Paul Monette s books Who am I to judge his works Besides, I m a HUGE fan of Paul Monette as a person He burst into my life with his powerfully written, raw and unforgettable memoirs Becoming a Man Half a Life Story and Becoming a Man Half

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    I was so excited when in 1990 it was announced that David Lynch s series Twin Peaks was going to be shown on tv I taped the entire series but by the end of the series I was lost and wondering to myself what had just happened It was a great story with some intriguing special effects but I couldn

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    While Monette can definitely write a pretty sentence, the density of the language gives the book a hazy, turgid atmosphere that sometimes obscures the decent Hollywood murder mystery at the book s core Still, it s an insightful, human story, with much to say about the nature of fame and fortune I wish

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    Lots of 5 words thrown about a mediocre storyline at best Characters fell quite flat and the supposed plot twist was rushed and anticlimactic Monette can formulate some beautiful sentences, but as a novel, it was quite unconvincing.

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    fun, older gay novel

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    A well written book by one of my favorite authors.

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