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The Lurker at the Threshold He is not to open the door which leads to the strange time and place, nor to invite Him Who lurks at the threshold went the warning in the old family manuscript that Ambrose Dewart discovered when he returned to his ancestral home in the deep woods of rural Massachusetts Dewart s investigations into his family s sinister past eventually lead to the unspeakable revelations of The Great Old Ones who wait on the boundaries of space and time for someone to summon them to earth Acclaimed cult horror writer H P Lovecraft s notes and outlines for this tale of uncanny terror were completed by August Derleth, his friend and future publisher Of the many Lovecraft Derleth posthumous collaborations, The Lurker at the Threshold remains the most popular, having sold , copies in its previous edition alone

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    I d heard some bad things about Derleth s posthumous collaborations with Lovecraft, how he had a tendency to over categorise the Mythos and apply a simplistic Christian morality on creatures whose very power to chill stemmed from the fact that they were utterly beyond human notions of good or evil Despite that, I found this quite an effective and well

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here This book starts out well enough but runs too long through dull exposition to a formulaic finish An experienced reader will suspect early on that this book wasn t written by Lovecraft but his publisher August Derleth Maybe the first give away is the uncharacteristically hea

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    There s nothing very bad about this book, other than it feels extremely familiar I already felt like I d read it before Wiki states ST Joshi said of this novel s 50,000 words, only 1,200 were actually written by Lovecraft This is probably why I didn t find it a very gripping or original read Many ideas and even characters feel regurgitated from previous

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    Overall, I enjoyed thisthan my three star rating would suggest, although not as much as my recent Lovecraft read The Case of Charles Dexter Ward However, this is written in three sections from different points of view, and the final, shortest one from the suddenly introduced professor s assistant is abrupt and have a pretty abrupt ending A lot of slow bu

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    This novel, though sometimes billed as being written by H.P Lovecraft, is really instead almost entirely authored by August Derleth, working from notes and story fragments left by Lovecraft It does have the feel of Lovecraft for the most part, though with maybe a little less of his sometimes purple prose and also included actual dialogue, something Lovecr

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    This novel was published posthumously, and, according to rumor, writtenby August Derleth than Lovecraft himself Some see it as a watered down version of classic Lovecraft horror I don t think it s that bad, but it s not the best of the books.Just outside Arkham Massachusetts lies Billingtons Woods, where many strange sounds come at night In the middle of t

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    I tend to defend Dereleth but this was disappointing A rushed ending that comes in the final 2 pages, and not a terribly original one.

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    Most of the reviews that have been posted so far seem to be from Lovecraft purists who object to Derleth s creation of a novella from a 1200 word sketch by HPL We should maybe bear in mind the debt that Lovecraftians owe to Derleth He founded Arkham House specifically to keep HPL s memory alive and to bring his work to a larger audience than the readers of W

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    Derleth took notes Lovecraft made, wrote this story himself, and put Lovecraft s name on it.The theme begins Lovecraftian, but the whole binding of the Old Ones with elements begins here, and the last half of the book is a lovely example of Derleth driving Lovecraft s brilliant ideas into the ground In a later Derleth story, R lyeh rises to the surface again,

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    While I enjoyed this book, it does have a bit of a August Derleth writes Lovecraft fanfic vibe to it Very little of this novel was actually written by HPL and it has a number of the issues that you see in AD HPL collaborations the Elder Gods as absent white hats and less of a feeling of hopelessness than you get in pure HPL stories also, Derleth seems to have

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