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The Magic School Bus: Lost in the Snow Reader LevelBased upon the bestselling book series and the award winning TV show, Magic School BusReaders make learning an adventure Ms Frizzle s class is on its way to learn how snow is made They take a wild ride into the clouds and get to float down on snowflakes But how will they get back to the Magic School Bus Climb on the Magic School Bu

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    Lost in the Snow is a Level 2 Scholastic Reader featuring vocabulary and sentence length for beginning readers that ties in to the Magic School Bus television show and the books upon which it was based In it, Ms Frizzle and her familiar class of eight students Arnold, Keisha, Wanda, Tim, Ralphie, Dorothy Ann, Phoebe, and Carlos learn about snow.Compared to other books i

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    very educational and insightful the kids shrink to droplet size and snowflakes are well described some content might be too much for a kid, but still very good.

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    This is another fun, and short book in the Magic School Bus Chapter Books and Readers series by Joanna Cole I like them because they are short, so our girls can help me read them I also like that I don t have to read as much dialogue and there isn t quite as much detail Our youngest loves them because they have all of the familiar characters we ve come to know and love especially,

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    I love the Magic School Bus books Legomeister loved these for years, and now Little Miss is starting to request them.The Scholastic Readers are nice for bedtime stories because they re shorter, and of course, they re great for early readers They redifficult than some easy readers, a little longer withchallenging words The writing feels choppy that s a side effect of simplifying it But

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    The lessons are always entertaining when you re in Mrs Frizzle s class This time the class is studying snow, but there is no snow outside Time for a trip in the Magic School Bus In the cold north air, the students have exciting adventures in the snow, then return to the bus for hot chocolate.Since most of the Magic School Bus series is written for 3rd to 5th graders, it is nice to see that

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    This is a chapter book so we read it over several days I m thinking beginning readers could tackle it as well.My kids like to listen to these, but they prefer the illustrated books As with all things Magic School Bus, the information is clear and understandable It s also riddled with puns

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    I love this entire series of books It s such a fun way to expose children to scientific facts Entertaining enough that the knowledge stays in their sweet, little heads with little effort Hooray Ms Frizzle

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    This book is a fiction book that packed with information snow The children go on adventure with their teacher on the magic school bus This book would be good second through third grade.

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    I love the Magic School Bus books This one is no exception The perfect way to learn about the different types of snow.

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