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The Mystery of Jesus Christ Written chiefly for theology students the book presents the authentic teachings of Catholic faith, to be found not only in the ancient conciliar sources, but also in important recent documents dealing with disputed issues of our times Chapters deal with The hoped for Saviour The Coming of Jesus Christ in the fullness of time The Person of Christ Christ, the Way, the Truth and the Life Redemption

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    This book is the translation of Fernando Ocariz s 1994 book titled The Mystery of Jesus Christ A Christology and Soteriology Textbook Father Ocariz is Vicar General of Opus Dei He is a Catholic theologian who has published several books and who is regularly consulted by the Congregation of the Faith He works at the Roman Curia, the central office of the Catholic Church.This is a good Theology textbook and it is good that this has

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    I used this book for a self paced class in Christology The whole class was writing papers based on this book, and I really enjoyed the material It was over my head at times but I learned a lot This is a fantastic book and one of the first textbooks for school which I read every single page of Because it was that good.

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    A MUST read for every lapse Catholic and all those who are inkling to learn about the faith you will fall in love.

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