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The New Girl (Gabriel Allon #19) Reading The New Girl Gabriel Allon 19 Author Daniel Silva Airdomains.co.uk At An Exclusive Private School In Switzerland, Mystery Surrounds The Identity Of The Beautiful Girl Who Arrives Each Morning And Leaves Each Afternoon In A Heavily Protected Motorcade Fit For A Head Of State She Is Said To Be The Daughter Of A Wealthy International Businessman She Is Not And When She Is Brutally Kidnapped Across The Border In The Haute Savoie Region Of France, Gabriel Allon, The Legendary Chief Of Israeli Intelligence, Is Thrust Into A Deadly Secret War With An Old Enemy That Will Determine The Future Of The Middle East And Perhaps The World.

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    This is somewhere between a 4 and 5 star book for me, but since Silva has proven that, for the 19th time, he s my favorite author, I m going with 5.The New Girl is vintage Silva rapid fire pacing, shifting locations, international intrigue, clearly defined characters, and crisp dialogue I love everything about his writing and c

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    It s always interesting to see how Gabriel gets pulled into the cases he works on With this one starting out with a little girl you knew that Gabriel would help despite who her father was I hated that they all didn t see who was behind things at first, mostly because I hoped with the knowledge the outcome could have been bette...

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    Gabriel Allon thrillers are the greatest I am looking forward to the new book.

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    It was worth the wait You can t put this book down once you start.

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    What can I sayno one does it better than Daniel Silva

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    Brilliant, amazing, a true masterpiece

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    TRBS 10 10 This tops last year s The Other Woman which received a 9.95 10 The highest rating given in 2018 TRBS The Real Book Spy review rating

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    The Summer is here, July is upon us and that can only mean that the time has come for another Gabriel Allon adventure from the 1 New York Times Best selling and award winning thriller author Daniel Silva This year s book is the 19th in this amazing series of thrillers and it s called The New Girl.I listened to The New Girl in one session, ignoring work, phone calls and I can t remem

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    The New Girl is another winner for Daniel Silva One of a dwindling number of authors whose books I pre order on my Kindle as soon as their release date is announced, Silva rarely disappoints with his Gabriel Allon books I binge read it in one sitting the day it was released Yes, perhaps for the benefit of the occasional first time reader, Silva employs the fact same words to describe Chiara

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    The New Girl book is just than what I anticipated since this master writer Daniel Silva last book Very well written as I am having a difficult time stopping my reading to do daily tasks Gabriel Allon heads Israeli Intelligence is using all his past vast experiences to help solve this situation of missing only daughter of a crown prince of Saudi Arabia internationally known businessman Daniel Silva

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