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The Other Wife She S A Total Stranger But She Knows Who You Are Suzi Did A Bad Thing She S Paying For It Now, Pregnant, Scared, And Living In An Isolated Cottage With Her Jealous Husband, NickWhen Nora Moves Into The Only House Nearby, Suzi Is Delighted To Have A Friend So Much So That She S Almost Tempted To Tell Nora Her Terrible Secret But There S To Nora Than Meets The Eye It S Impossible Does She Already Know What Suzi Did Meanwhile, Elle Spends Her Days In Her Perfect Home, Fixated On Keeping Up Appearances But When Her Husband Betrays Her, It Unravels A Secret Going All The Way Back To Her Childhood She Ll Do Whatever It Takes To Hold On To Him, Even If That Means Murder After All, She S Done It Before Caught Up In Their Own Secrets And Lies, These Strangers Will Soon Realise They Have In Common Than They Could Ever Have Imagined When A Shocking Event Brings Them Together, Their Lives Will Never Be The Same Again

About the Author: Claire McGowan

Claire McGowan grew up in a small village in Northern Ireland After a degree in English and French from Oxford University she moved to London and worked in the charity sector THE FALL is her first novel, which is followed by a series starring forensic psychologist Paula Maguire She also writes as Eva Woods.

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    4.5 starsFast Paced Psychological SuspenseSuzi once had an exhilarating life in London, replete with a loving husband, successful career and a social life with lots of friends But lately Nick has turned from loving to controlling he s transplanted them both to a cottage in the middle of nowhere and dictates her every move She finds herself pregnant, friendless, jobless and completely isolated, at least until Nora moves

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    A wonderful thriller which is easy to read and hard to put down Not at all what I expected throughout Why two wives Who is responsible for his death A twisted and delicious thriller from start to finish Highly recommended

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    Rating 3.0 5.0Genre Domestic ThrillerSuzi is a pregnant woman and with a secret Her husband Nick does not trust her and is jealous most of the time A new neighbor Nora moves into a nearby house Nora has secrets as well Who will trust who Who is who You need to read to know.I liked the synopsis and thought this will be a fast paced thriller It was totally the opposite This was too slow Very very slow The multiple point of views was some

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    Suzi is married to Nick He s extremely jealous Suzi had an affair and ends up being pregnant She also has no friends until Nora moves into the isolated countryside beside her Nora quickly becomes friends with Suzi But Nora already k ownsa out Suzi than she s letting on about It seems Suzi is not the only one with secrets.This story does not really start until you get about two thirds of the way in The pace is slow The story is told from multip

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    This story, it wassomething else Told from the perspectives of three women Elle, Nora, and Suzi, The Other Wife is a twisty, domestic suspense relying heavily on plot points seen a million times Readers will quickly and easily intuit the relationship between the three, and will likely feel underwhelmed by the story overall Yes, there are a couple mildly surprising twists near the end, but again, it s all been done so many times before, I felt no spark

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    The Other Wife is your bog standard domestic thriller with a pretty atmospheric and sinister vibe to it, but ultimately the characters were difficult to tell apart and weren t developed well enough to be enjoyable What we did learn about the characters certainly didn t endear them to me, and I found they had some intensely annoying habits I also found the story slow and the consistently changing points of view made it quite disjointed and as a consequence, yo

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    A domestic thriller with unlikeable but interesting characters that keeps you on your toes It was slow to start at least in my opinion there are plenty of reviews saying otherwise and the ending felt really chaotic in a forced way There were definitely moments that were harder to believe than others, but once you learned to ignore that feeling it was overall quite enjoyable.I would ve preferred tighter writing and a shorter book in order to keep that urgent, panicked

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    I received a free e copy of The Other Wife by Claire McGowan from NetGalley for my honest review.The book had a good plot and several twists to it I just really didn t connect with the characters.A domestic thriller about women who have secrets They want someone to talk to and trust but can they trust each other

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    Suzi is pregnant and isolated living in a secluded area with her controlling husband Suzi is delighted to have someone move in nearby, and soon becomes friends with the new resident, Nora A domestic thriller full of secrets and lies Twisted characters Intriguing story An entertaining read.

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    Ok now I m sad Claire McGowan doesn t have as deep a catalog of adult thrillers onas I had originally thought First What You Did and now The Other Wife, which I liked even , and I have a slight book hangover This was an excellent, emotionally fraught domestic suspense in the vein of The Wife Between Us fans of that book will like this one, I think It has a variety of women scorned and battered by controlling, dubious men, with lots of sordid, soapy details and a satisfying, unsett Ok now I

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