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The Plus: Self-Help for People Who Hate Self-Help New York Times bestselling author Greg Gutfeld wants to be your new guru, and he hates himself for itBefore Greg Gutfeld was a Fox News star and a New York Times bestselling author, he was a self help writer for health magazines who had no idea what he was talking about But now, after years of experience, he finally feels qualified to guide people on the journey of life call this book punishment for his sins, and a huge reward for you In The Plus, Greg teaches you how to brainwash yourself into better behavior, retaining the pluses in your life and eliminating the minuses His approach to self help is simple, and perfect for cynics it s not about positive thinking in the short term, it s about positive being in the long term With tough love and than a little political incorrectness, he delivers sage wisdom such as If you aren t getting happier as you re getting older, you re doing it wrong Resist the media s command to expand destructive narratives If you re in the same place you were three years ago, wake up Don t tweet when drinkingModern life grows emptier and emptier as society becomes increasingly polarized, and even those who don t subscribe to New Age beliefs are seeking comfort and meaning In The Plus, Greg shows how skeptics too can advance themselves for the betterment of their lives and the healing of their communitiesLengthhoursminutes

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    Let s start with the end question Who should read this book The answer is very simple, everyone In my opinion, it would be impossible to read Gutfeld s book and not learn something about America in 2020 As I read his book, I found myself on almost every page I particularly loved his book because he writes about what I have been thinking for decades I also very much like his style He writes like he talks on television It s enjoyable to read butimportantly he has

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    I enjoyed reading this self help bookit was written in the same format that the author Greg Gutfeld speaksI felt that he was speaking with me, not at me As for the contentit is what we need to dowe are allowing cancel culture to overshadow the good in people He explains the impact of social media but does not blame it for all our issueshe demonstrates how there arethan two sides to every debate, at least there should be Not just right wrong but what about something or

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    Very good book I always enjoy Greg Gutfeld Always make your actions or reactions a plus instead of a minus Greg is short and I was already laughing on page four what to spend the advance on creating an amusement park for people of my height My favorite thing he talks about is the prison of two ideas Everything has to be black or white That is not true for anything There is always a gray area but in this current society you have to pick a side He talks a lot about cancel cul

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    A quick read, Greg Gutfeld s new book gives practical advice about how we can make our lives, and the lives of those around us,positive and productive With his signature wit and honesty, he gets right to the point and uses entertaining anecdotes and personal memories to highlight what he believes are the most important aspects of creating a world where we can have conversations instead of fights By choosing to havepluses than minuses each day, Gutfeld explains, we can take charge

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    Great readHe makes you laugh out loud He is great, it s like having him in the room with you I have read all his books

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    Very fun and enjoyable I actually did this book on audio because I knew I d like itlistening to it in Gutfeld s voice I have always agreed a lot with his way off thinking minus the porn, drugs and agnostic POV For an agnostic he really does share many of the same spiritual beliefs but that s beside the point The book has some great insights and some repetition of thought from other places hence the 4 stars Overall I think everyone could benefit from it.

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    Timely read for these times Quite simple but very profound This will help both sides get through these unbelievable times Be a plus not a minus and you and everyone around you will be better 1 point for liberals, if you can t laugh at some of this then as they say might be the problem.

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    Greg Gutfeld is one of my favorites and I enjoyed gettingof his thoughts in this book I hope to apply some of his insights into my life.

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    Loved it Good thoughts and steps to make your life full ofpluses than minuses First self help book I have read all the way i think I do a lot of this and this is still the first self help book that left me with some ideas to make my life have evenplus than minus.

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    AwesomeGreg being positive ,who knew.easy read very uplifting.I will have to try being a plus nobody needsbitching.

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