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The Power and the Glory In A Poor, Remote Section Of Southern Mexico, The Paramilitary Group, The Red Shirts Have Taken Control God Has Been Outlawed, And The Priests Have Been Systematically Hunted Down And Killed Now, The Last Priest Is On The Run Too Human For Heroism, Too Humble For Martyrdom, The Nameless Little Worldly Whiskey Priest Is Nevertheless Impelled Toward His Squalid Calvary As Much By His Own Compassion For Humanity As By The Efforts Of His Pursuers In His Introduction, John Updike Calls The Power And The Glory ,Graham Greene S Masterpiece The Energy And Grandeur Of His Finest Novel Derive From The Will Toward Compassion, An Ideal Communism Even Christian Than Communist.

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    Graham Greene is known as a Catholic novelist even though he objected to that description I mention that because this book is one of his four novels, which, according to Wiki, source of all wisdom, are the gold standard of the Catholic novel The other three are Brighton Rock, The Heart of the Matter, and The End of the Affair.Like many other Greene novels, this one is set in a down and out environment in a Third W

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    This little gem turned out to be quite a surprise It is indeed powerful and it is glorious Greene s writing seems really simple and is easy to read, and yet is so full of meaning I am still soaking it all in.As the lead character, the whiskey priest , moves from one place to another, Greene takes us along on a journey taut with suspense and tension However, it is really his moral journey which is the most captivating We not

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    You can never go wrong with this guy most definitely he s on my Top Ten list of All Time favorite novelists You cannot ask for crisper prose the dialogue is practically in audio, the descriptions themselves cause impressive bouts with synesthesia I cannot think of a single writer that is without flaw the closest to that super man would be Graham Greene.That being said, this is my least favorite novel of his thus far and it is interes

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    The Power and the Glory is the sort of title to inspire readers to great deeds, pushing beyond the bounds of normal reading capabilities to turn pages at superhuman speed But alas no And why not Afterall, the premise is promisingA cynical, whiskey priest sneaks about the poor, rural lands of southern Mexico, evading capture for the treasonous action of being a priest The question is whether he s on the lam to preach the word of god or to save

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    The Power and the Glory, Graham Greene s 1940 novel about the Mexican state of Tabasco s virulent anti church campaign in the 1930s is a powerful statement about courage, duty and the persistence of faith.Greene describes the flight of the whiskey priest a never named survivor in the state s operation to rid all vestiges of Catholic faith, even to the point of arresting priests, finding them guilty of treason and executing them against a wall with firin

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    A Classic Parable set in 1930s Mexico Seems of Paramount Importance Today A tragic situation exists precisely when virtue does not triumph but when it is still felt that man is nobler than the forces which destroy him. George Orwell, Shooting an Elephant, 1950.Greene was driven to write this sympathetic novel about the persecution of priests in Mexico after visiting the Mexican province of Tabasco in 1938 at the height of the Mexican anti clerical purge of Marxis

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    Here we have a novel which takes faith at face value which for an atheist reader is a bit of a thwack round the fizzog with a wet towel This novel is all about the confession and all about the Mass And a little bit about the baptism too And the reality behind these rituals is that if they aren t done properly by a priest YOU yes YOU could end up going to HELL because you might then die in a state of mortal sin, i.e outside the reach of the grace of God, these are the rules

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    This is the first Greene I have read in years and it is a powerful novel It is set in Mexico and Greene has spent some time there in research The novel is about a priest a whisky priest in a province of Mexico where the Catholic Church is banned and priests are shot The unnamed protagonist is a bad priest and a drunkard who has also fathered a child He is also a coward The title is taken from the end of The Lord s Prayer and there is religious imagery all over the place The priest r

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    I m not a Christian I most probably am an agnostic who s constantly flirting with atheism What I feel about the Church as a constitution and the practices of the priests and their followers is contempt, to say the least You read this, now look at my rating OK Read it again Look at my rating Get it This is a book that s called The Power And The Glory and it s about a priest trying to stay alive in a country where all priests are executed and faith is prohibited The reason it appealed to I m no

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    One thing I know after reading this, All the Pretty Horses and Joe Lansdale s Captains Outrageous, I ain t going to Mexico any time soon Graham Greene s classic account of a priest living on the run in a Mexican state after socialists have taken political control and are trying to abolish the Catholic Church is a grim tale of human nature at it s best and worst The unnamed priest is a drunk who isn t particularly brave and has committed sins big enough to register fairly high on he Catholic G One thing

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