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The Road From Elephant Pass The Road From Elephant Pass won theGratiaen Prize for creative writing in English for its moving story, for its constant feel of real life, for its consistency of narrative momentum, for its descriptive power, for its dramatic use of dialogue to define social context, capture character psychology, and trace the development of a relationship, for its convincing demonstration that resolution of conflict and reconciliation of differences are feasible through mutual experience and regard, and last though not least, for its eminently civilized handling of the last degree of intimacy between a man and a woman

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    I got a rather, mussed up copy of this novel from the dying remains of the library of the British Council in Kandy a couple of months before the movie came out.I hadn t read any books written by my compatriots until then, probably because of the natural distrust you develop against your own kind.But I stand corrected Nihal De Silva, now dead and

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    An Army Officer s routine assignment to pick up a woman informant near Jaffna turns into a nightmare when the LTTE launches a massive attack on the peninsula and the camp at Elephant Pass Then the two adversaries are forced to escape together through the rebel held Wanni and later, cross the abandoned Wilpattu National Park on foot The constant e

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    This is a book about civil war and reaching across the bloodlines of that war it s a book about making a desperate journey through jungle it s a book about birds and animals and plants it s a book about Sri Lanka.Sri Lanka, the teardrop shed by the Indian subcontinent, is a land that was drenched in tears for the 25 years of the war between the Sr

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    A great geographical tour of the northern part of war torn Sri Lanka Silva paints the land and its denizens brilliantly I found the relationship between the male and female leads to be a bit stilted and the translation from Sinhala to English a bit repetitive but certainly Silva s courage, for which he later lost his life in the same region due to

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    If he just shut up about the birds and re thought the end, this book could ve been quite something.

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    I read this text as an A L text and well, watched the movie too I m rather sorry that we had to torment ourselves with it and I m seriously beginning to doubt Chandram Ratnam s efforts as a filmmaker I don t really know about his body of work anyway, being a Colombo kid so I m not in a position to judge As for the author, all I ve read except for thi

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    This book made me realizeabout the three decades of war we had in our country It was touching and beautifully written, and to this day made me wonder about the ending.

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    what caught me was the climax of the romance of wasantha n valeithan who begin the journey as incipient would not believe that there s romance in this novel on account of the antagonistic attitude both returns equally at the very begining only to witness the awesome intimacy gradually brew between the two parties who seemed poles apart towar

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    Another Great piece of writing by Nihal De Silva, story flows interestingly followed by curiosity Use of local variations of English is appreciable Sometimes I felt that the story sets itself far from the believability but it s not something to think much about, after all this is a fiction.Use of this book as a part of reconciliation process between Sin

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    First of all, I can understand why this book won the Gratian Though, I believe it was the English version that won and I was gifted the Sinhala translation That is not to say the Sinhala translation is lesser But considering it is not the Author who translated, I don t think it is fair to judge the English version based on the Sinhala translation Maybe t

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