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The Secret Child Staking his claimWhen Luke Davenport returned home after almost three years, he was shocked to learn that his passionate love affair with Alison Trevelyan had resulted in a baby Nathan was undeniably his son and heir to the Davenport fortuneWhile he was angry with Alison for keeping their child a secret, Luke also wanted her back in his life But renewing their relationship meant facing the hot, passionate desire that overwhelmed them both

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    Luke was back in town and Alison s brother wanted his help w the family business Of course, Alison s brother was willing to get that help at any cost Where was his family loyalty He didn t like what Luke had supposedly done to Alison years ago, but he was willing to sell her down the river for profit He sells her out a couple times during the course of the story as well With a brother like that,

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Just not my type of book Big misunderstanding that could have been resolved by simply asking Geez I hate that They are dating, he goes to New York or London, and she calls him and a woman answers and says she s his girlfriend But she wasn t according to him and yet he married her Sure I believe him NOT He thought she w

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here The h in this book was all about self sabotage She and the H grew up in the same town He was the son of the richest folks in the area Her family had a serious grudge with his family because of the apparent working conditions that cause the death of her father s brother Her dad held that grudge until he died The h move t

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    2.5 stars

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    Mostly unremarkable category romance, memorable only because I spent most of the book seething with rage at the heroine s limply named brother, Garth, who threw fits back in the day when she was dating the hero because of the vague family vendetta, pressured the rest of his siblings including the heroine to sell the beloved family farm and spend their inheritance on a hotel that is now going bankrupt

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    Luke and ali really made a mess of their relationship At least on ali s part, der had been nothing wid OM, only a platonic relationship While luke not only slept wid OW but married her as well I was disgusted bcoz he moved on while she was left holding the pram However, it was all really a big misunderstanding He was actually in love wid her but thought she was in love wid todd Dats why he left and tr

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    For a Secret Child novel, this left me a bit out in the cold Brr I didn t really appreciate it because it s one of my favorite categories and this one just seemed to keep falling short.

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    Sooooooo who the heck is the villain in this story Cause a lot of lying going around A brother blabbing every minute detail to the family enemy for no reason This other woman claiming she is somebody s girlfriend to a stranger on the phone and faking being pregnant but we never meet her in the book The brother irked me He was just a plot pusher cause the hero and heroine weren t really into getting back

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    Great bookThis was well written with many cliff hangings The author keeps your interest any spends many options to the story It makes you want to finish fast in order to reach the ending I recommend this book to anyone that likes a good romance.

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    It d have appreciated if Ali came forward earlier in the novel about his ex wife lying to her Throughout the novel, the readers and Ali are led to believe that Luke chose another woman over her That misunderstanding is the only tension drama between them her feeling like Luke didn t love her back And I m pretty sure the author drags this tension because she couldn t think of anything else to keep the stor

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