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The Twelve Kingdoms: Sea of Shadow Yoko Nakajimas life has been fairly ordinary until Keiki tells her that she is his master and must return to their kingdom With the help of a magic sword and a magic stone against the demons on her trail, Yoko begins her quest for both survival and self discovery

About the Author: Fuyumi Ono

Kanji Name.Fuyumi Ono , Ono Fuyumi is a Japanese novelist who is best known for writing the Twelve Kingdoms , Juuni Kokuki series, on which a popular anime is based Her name after marriage is Fuyumi Uchida , Uchida Fuyumi , but she writes under her maiden name.Ono was born in Nakatsu, ita, Ky sh in 1960 She graduated from tani University in Ky to with a degree in Buddhist Studies, and in 1988 was employed by the publisher K dansha Her debut story is titled Sleepless on Birthday Eve.Ono is married to Naoyuki Uchida , Uchida Naoyuki , a mystery novelist who writes under the pseudonym Yukito Ayatsuji , Ayatsuji Yukito.Before she started work on Twelve Kingdoms, Fuyumi Ono wrote The Demonic Child , a horror novel about a boy from another world She later worked certain events from this novel into the Twelve Kingdoms series Short stories set in the various kingdoms include Kasho, Toei, Shokan, Kizan and Jogetsu In February, 2008, the first new Twelve Kingdoms short story, Hisho no Tori was published in Shinchosha s Yomyom magazine.According to an interview at the Anime News Network, she is currently rewriting a girls horror series she wrote long ago Wikipedia

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    The book is fascinating , despite a somewhat too ordinary beginning.However I m a bit disappointed at the English Translation by Alexander O Smith It seems that he constantly removes Yoko s thinking voice , marked by the italic font, as he wants.let s take a few paragraphs from

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    Yoko Nakajima is a Japanese high schooler Her main defining trait seems to be that she wants to make everyone happy, which leaves her with all the spine of a wet noodle After being dropped into a fantasy country with the clothes on her back, a sword, and a spirit that lets her use it, t

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    This book was on my shelf for about a year, taunting me with it s width and bright blue dust jacket I had this particular attachment to it, that I can t really explain or understand It had the familiarity of walking into the room and seeing my cat curled up on the couch Whenever I picked it up

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    With the Twelve Kingdoms series, Fuyumi Ono has created a high fantasy universe on a par with thefamiliar medieval European milieu Her Middle Earth springs out of ancient China, and boasts a highly complex cultural and political system, interwoven with the rational use of magic.At the same time, the tr

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    Rating 5 starsThe entire Twelve Kingdoms saga is by a mile long one of my absolute favorite fantasy reads I have all the books and I also have every DVDs of the anime version I remember coming home from school when I was in middle school My mom owned a bookstore and we used to live upstairs The absolute dream

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    There s a lot of fantasy fiction out there, mostly consisting of orcs and elves and manly heroes Problem is, who wants to read World of Warcraft when you can play it instead And some authors seem stuck on emulating J.R.R Tolkien s mythology Fuyumi Ono, however, creates an unchartered world for our imaginations to expl

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    I wrote this review back in 2014 and have decided that I still feel pretty much the same way about the book, although I m upgrading my overall rating from 3.5 stars to 4 And I m still hoping for a license rescue for this series I d love to see official translations of the books Tokyopop never got around to publishing, and I d

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    Sometimes a publisher wanting to cash in on a popular genre is actually a good thing The author of the Twelve Kingdoms series, Fuyumi Ono, is usually at home in the genres of horror and mystery, which maybe explains the detailed gorey descriptions during the fighting scenes Her editor suggested to her to visit the fantasy genre, beca

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    Reviewed by Carrie Spellman for TeensReadToo.comYoko Nakajima is the perfect daughter She s a good student, she always does what she s told, she never complains, she never calls attention to herself perfect Except for her red hair that stands out everywhere in Japan, but no one can explain that one Aside from that, she s perfect So, when she

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    This book was a BLAST, omg.On the downside the prose was a bit flat and clunky once again, no idea if this was a matter of translation or not , but it wasn t too bad The decision to just skip the whole battle scene at the very end was completely inexplicable really, I cannot understand why the battle wasn t shown That was just a bizarre decision tha

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