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The Unplugged Woodshop Woodworker Tom Fidgen Is Very Well Known In The Online Woodworking Community, And His First Book, Made By Hand, Was Critically Acclaimed In His Second Book, Fidgen Presents Hand Tool Woodworking Projects For The Home And Workshop The Projects Have A Distinctive Retro Look, Recycling Designs From Our Not So Distant Past He Has Reconceived The Classic Library Card Catalog Converted To Use For Kitchen Storage A Clever Medicine Chest Does Double Duty As A Four Bottle Wine Tote And His Gentleman S Valet Is An Elegant Clothing Stand With A Profile That Harks Back In Time In The Opening Chapters, Fidgen Discusses The Benefits Of Working In An Unplugged Woodshop, Considers The Sources Of Design Inspiration, Offers Advice On The Critical Importance Of Sharpening, And Even Explains How To Make Hand Tools Using Only Hand Tools

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    This book is an improvement over his previous book, but it is still lacking Older, better conceived books are out there in used book stores and garage sales Find them Read them Improve your woodworking skills Don t bother with this one.

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    Gorgeous Craftsmanship My mission in life is to preserve craftsmanship Waris AhluwaliaI will no doubt sound outdated in the extreme when I say this but I truly miss craftsmanship In this day of plastics and throwaways, the feel of a truly well made table, the curve of a hard carved chair arm or the beautiful lines of a bookcase is something I search for, and don t often find So, it was with gr

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    This is a beautifully written and photographed book, but is sometimes beautiful than useful The book disappoints when it comes to being able to execute because it lacks sufficient plans and detail This is true for some projects than others, in that different projects have different levels of information with which to build, so there is inconsistency between chapters For this I blame the publisher and

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    Perhaps like you, I am always a little weary buying books like these because they usually end up being 200 page presentations with little than pictures and general instructions on concept But here in The Unplugged Woodshop we actually get step by step instructions on how to build real world projects using in depth instructions and drawings Books like this can be difficult to review, so let me give you an underst

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    I was given a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.I will first say that I am not a wooodworker, however I grew up very much exposed to the woodworking aspect of construction My dad is a finish carpenter which is very much an art form and thus I was interested in seeing what this book has to offer Because of growing up around someone who does woodworking I am familiar with some of the techniques and the termi

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    I first came across Tom Fidget via his excellent website the unplugged woodshop Working from his small workshop he produces some amazing projects He is a devotee of hand tools and does demonstrate what can be achieved without power tools The style of videos is very slick no commentary only Tom and his tools He has another string to his bow which is music the soundtrack to his workshop exploits is fantastic I almost forgot I am writi

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    Awesome book Tom covers the basics of working wood by hand and offers designs for several tools to help you maximize your woodworking skills and tools Therer are several cool projects for your shop, office or gifts that cover a wide range of woodworking skills and techniques A great intro to woodworking with hand tools, especially if you supplement with Tom s blog There you ll find videos of several of the projects, notes on the projects that

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    Beautiful projects, incredible talent, short on detail for beginners It was a good read, and provides a few pieces of wisdom that are worth the time to check it out.

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