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The Very Hungry Caterpillar THE All Time Classic Picture Book, From Generation To Generation, Sold Somewhere In The World Every 30 Seconds Have You Shared It With A Child Or Grandchild In Your Life Including A Special Feature, Dye Cuts, This Beautiful Board Book Edition, Perfect For Teaching The Days Of The Week, Offers Readers An Interactive Experience. I believe this book is THE MAJOR CAUSE of the childhood obesity epidemic currently sweeping the nation Still, nice illustrations. I actually gave this book 5 stars, but the very hungry caterpillar ate one of them.Also, did anyone else get a defective book My version has a bunch of holes in it. Former president George W Bush named this his favorite book from childhood it came out when he was 23 but perhaps he meant his kids childhood In any event it s one of my favorites from my childhood, and from reading to my own kids Was it the first to put holes through its pages Probably not, but it worked very well Kids like sticking their fingers in things genius Anyhow this is one HUNGRY caterpillar He puts a hole through everything be it a slice of watermelon or wacca menon as my daughter first said it , ice cream cone, or sausage It is in fact one of the bestselling books in the history of literature what does this epic teach us 1 Everything in moderation Our caterpillar just sticks a single hole in each food item he ain t that sort of greedy, he ll leave some for others.2 Try new things Our caterpillar ain t picky, he ll try anything once, even gherkin 3 Eat healthy to avoid stomach ache A nice green leaf will sort you out.4 Change is good Straighten up and fly right and you too could become a beautiful butterfly and um fly, right Join my 3 emails a year newsletter Prizes FreeContent.. Eric Carle s books have a special place in my heart The way he creates his illustrations makes them so colorful and appealing to all The Very Hungry Caterpillar is one of our favorite books by him, but we enjoy them all equally Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See , The Grouchy Ladybug, The Very Busy Spider, The Very Quiet Cricket, and Dream Snow are just a few of our most cherished Eric Carle books When you witness a toddler who can t read, recite all the words to these stories, you know just how much they love them too 5

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