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The Warehouse ____________________Cloud is a company which likes to keep its secrets and it guards them well A near future thriller set in an America addicted to consumerism gun violence, climate change and unemployment have ravaged the nation, and an online retail giant named Cloud reigns supreme.Cloud brands itself not just as an online storefront, but as a global saviour But, beneath the sunny exterior lurks something far sinister ____________________Paxton is a would be inventor put out of business by Cloud He s had his one shot at success ripped away from him and now he s urgently in need of money and a job.Things get complicated when Paxton meets Zinnia He can t work her out She says she s a teacher down on her luck, but she doesn t look or act like a teacher And she seems to have a plan all of her own.With their agendas putting them on a collision course, they may both learn that the machine is just too big to be beaten.

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