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The Watcher in the Garden Kitty, a teenage girl with a violent temper, becomes friends with Mr Lovett, an old blind man, when she seeks sanctuary from her family and everyday cares in his huge, wild garden But while the garden gives her a sense of peace, strange forces are at work

About the Author: Joan Phipson

Winner of the Dromkeen Medal 1987.

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    The garden that provides the backdrop for much of The Watcher in the Garden was apparently based on the Everglades, a genteel tourist attraction in the mountain town of Leura, outside Sydney By co incidence I visited these gardens several weeks before I picked up my copy of the book at a sale, and this fresh sense memory added another layer to my reading.Not that it s necessary to visit the Everglades Phip

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    A gift from beautiful Trinity Thank you A gift from beautiful Trinity Thank you

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    An odd little book A great magical realism storyline, but very waffley in places, which is unusual for a children s book Also a bit far fetched in a few action scenes, which isn t.I m told it s set in NSW, so it s after 1971, as Daylight Saving is mentioned, but it could easily have been decades earlier from the language used The landscape descriptions would have madesense if I d looked at an aerial view of Le

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    It s almost 2 weeks since I finished reading this novel, and it is still lingering in my mind It seems at first to be a quiet, unassuming novel but it has an undercurrent of disquiet that sticks with you The most striking thing about The Watcher in the Garden for me was the blend of contemporary YA with understated psychic forces that emerge so naturally out of the narrative so as to seem as realistic as the res

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    I m going overseas for a lengthy period later this year and the thing that s stressing me the most is leaving behind my own personal library and access to the many public lending libraries I frequent But discovering Overdrive and the extensive free ebook collections of my two favourite libraries assuaged my fears To get used to reading on the iPad, I picked a random book from the online catalogue last weekend The

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    The Watcher in The Garden 1982 by Joan Phipson has been republished by Text Classics for a new generation of readers to appreciate this timeless tale of adolescent angst played out against the backdrop of its uniquely Australian background The cover design and the wonderful introduction by Margo Lanagan set the mood for this remarkable tale ReadPlus

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